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St. Sava

St. Sava

Born: 1176

Died: January 14, 1235

Feast Day: January 14

Patron Saint of: Serbians

Saint Sava joined the monastery at Mount Athos, Greece, at the age of 17. His father, the king of Serbia, later relinquished his position and wealth to join Sava in founding a new monastery in Serbia. Upon learning that his two brothers, one of which was now the Serbian king, were feuding, St. Sava left the comfort of the monastery to return home to settle the dispute.

St. Sava lived a life of seclusion until he reached the age of 70, when he became Archbishop of Serbia. With a new purpose in life, St. Sava was successful in rapidly spreading Christianity thoughout Serbia, opening several schools and bishoprics.

Because the rift between his two brothers was so strong, without St. Sava's intervention, Serbia would have likely been torn apart. For this well known fact, and because St. Sava was recognized for bringing peoples of many cultures and languages together in peace in Serbia, he is known the patron saint of Serbians.