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St. Geneviève

Born: c.422

Died: c.500

Canonized: 500

Feast Day: January 3

Patron Saint of: disasters, Paris

Geneviève was born in a small town just outside of Paris, France. At the age of seven, she was recognized by a bishop as being future saint. With her parents' permission, and at her request, the bishop consecrated her to Christ. Shortly thereafter, at the age of 15, she received her veil as a nun.

Just a few years later, the city of Paris was under siege of Childeric, King of the Franks. Seeing the suffering of the people of Paris as a result of the battle, Geneviève snuck out of the city and returned with food and supplies, all without the knowledge and hindrance from Childeric. Despite these heroic acts, Paris soon fell to the superior Franc forces. Upon discovering of the heroinism of this young girl, Childeric met with her. Impressed by her holiness, he agreed to establish a church in honor of St. Denis, also of Paris.

Later in her life, she once again faced a formidable foe, one which, to date, had yet to meet his match - Attila the Hun. In sheer fear, as the barbarians' reputation preceded them, the peoples of Paris planned to evacuate Paris rather than stand up to the wrath of Attila the Hun. Geneviève convinced many of the Parisians to stay at home and pray for deliverance. To this day, for unexplained reasons (unexplained other than the power of prayer), Attila the Hun and his barbarians did not attack Paris.