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St. Eligius

Born: 588

Died: 660

Canonized: pre-Congregation

Feast Day: December 1

Patron Saint of: jewelers, metalworkers

Like his father, Eligius was a skilled goldsmith and metalworker. After an apprentiship in Limoges, Eligius moved to Paris where his skill would be both appreciated and financially rewarded. As a master jeweler, Eligius quickly gained the attention of King Chlotar II and was selected for the post of treasurer of Marseilles. In that position, he served King Chlotar II and two of his successors well, accumulating many riches himself.

Eligius, despite all of the trappings of fame and fortune, dedicated much of his wealth to serve the poor. Even land that was awarded to him by Chlotar II was used to found a monastery.

Eligius was later elected Bishop of Noyon and Tournai, where he faithfully served for 19 years, unceasingly spreading the Gospel until his death in 660 AD.

Because of his talent as a goldsmith and metalworker, Eligius is the patron saint for jewelers.