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Dominic Savio

St. Dominic Savio

Born: 1842

Died: March 9, 1857

Canonized: June 12, 1954, by Pope Pius XII

Feast Day: May 6

Patron Saint of: choir boys, falsly accused people

Dominic Savio was born in 1842 in Italy the son of a peasant. He expressed a desire to become a priest and in October 1854 he began to study in Turin on a grant from St. John Bosco. At school Dominic organized the Company of the Immaculate Conception which promoted devotion and also took care of many tasks, from sweeping floors to taking special care of boys who for whatever reason were misfits. Dominic was very direct. When two boys were about to begin stoning each other he stepped between them with a little crucifix and said: "Before you fight, look at this both of you and say, `Jesus Christ was sinless, and He died forgiving His executioners; I am a sinner, and I am going to outrage Him by being deliberately revengeful.' Then you can start - and throw your first stone at me." When St. John Bosco founded the Salesians in 1859 all the original members of the Company of the Immaculate Conception except for Dominic were present. Dominic became ill and died in 1857.