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Just wanted you to know that I have used the website for St. Charles Borromeo for about 14 or so years. I especially like the "Bible Study" link for great commentary. It is easy to use and understand for folks that are wanting a good Catholic resource used for RCIA and other scripture readings and reflections. The whole website is one of the best I have seen even when compared with many Dioceses at a national level. I am a permanent deacon assigned to "Come, Lord Jesus" scripture study program out of Lafayette. It is a scripture program that is more than just for study but that is a big part of it. It was founded by Fr. Conley Bertrand in 1969--we will be 50 years old next year. We provide bible commentary in the form of workbooks at low cost to the member. But I like to refer group leaders to other good Catholic sources online when then want more. When I do I generally refer the St. Charles Borromeo .

Dear Fr Bernard & the website team, I wanted to write to you to express my thanks for your website's searchable Catechism. I am a teacher of Religious Studies at Hagley Catholic High School in Worcestershire and ever since I graduated as a teacher in 2004, I have used your site numerous times. I sincerely appreciate the search function, which has saved me hours over the years by not having to search my hard copy of the CCC. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am, and that your website is being used by Catholic schools all over the world. Thank you & God bless

You have the Best way to look up Catechism passages I've ever seen. Thanks!!!

Thank you for providing such a well done website in terms of content. And thank you sharing it will of us. I use it for my school research papers. God bless

I came across your site, and found the Apologetics Papers and love it! Thank you for your site.

Fr, I would just like to thank you and your parishioners for this wonderful site,a help and great inspiration. ... Wishing you all every blessing in Christ. I will say a silent prayer as we get close to you. Please remember us in your prayers keep up the good work, keep the faith. From London, England, with love & God bless.

This is a short note to let you and those in your parish who prepare your bible study material just how much we appreciate what you produce and how much it enhances our study of the bible. We are a small, multi-cultural, inner city parish (Sacred Heart, Bradenton, Florida) with limited resources and rely heavily on the internet for bible study materials that can be easily incorporated into what we are trying to accomplish here. Typically, we base our beginning year studies around the liturgical readings through Easter. We then return to studies of the OT/NT books or other special topics as appropriate. What you give us is very meaningful to our study of scripture. My thanks to you and your participating parishioners. May God bless each and every one of you.

I just want to thank you for having such a GREAT WEBSITE. It's in English, it has a litergical bible study, and so much more. I just can't thank you enough. Its the best I have ever seen for Catholics. I dare say, better than EWTN's website, for me. I am using your bible study and intend to read all the encyclicals that you have made easily available. I literally stumbled upon your website while looking for something else. I saw St. Charles Borromeo Catholic. I clicked on it because the hospital that my husband works out of goes by the same saint name. (Tonight I will tell him about pelicans and the catholic church! In Puerto Rico the "stork" is called a "Pelicano". My husband is an OB-Gyn and the symbol that he uses for his calling card is a "Pelicano" carrying a baby.) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have just benn reading about your Parish. It is lovely. I also used the links,and got to daily prayers also Saints History. I thank you for this oppurtunity. Regards from a Scotland/Irish Person

I first started using your website when I was searching for an "on-line" CCC. It was easy to search the electronic text for things I needed to prepare for my CCD class and some Youth Ministry work that I was doing at the time. At the beginning of the school year, I hand out a paper with basic prayers and information like the 10 Commandments and the Sacraments. It also includes a link to the Bible at USCCB.org and the link to the CCC at your website so my students can look things up if they don't have paper copies of these books in their homes. I have just started a long distance learning Masters in Theology course through Franciscan University of Steubenville and I noticed that you have many of the Vatican II documents on your site that my professor references. Thank you so much for helping me, and I am sure many other Catholics as well, with your exceptional parish website. I can see from your website that you are doing many things within your parish community to deepen peoples' faith. May God continue to bless you and your parishioners.

Dear friends, Your website is inspirational……. And has given me much to consider prayerfully. Many thanks

To the Pastor, Webmaster, and whoever else is involved, Thank you. You have a beautiful website that is a fantastic resource and easy to navigate. I wanted to find where to look in my copy of the CCC to explain the Church’s teaching on homosexuality, and Google directed me to your site. Not only did it take me to your posted html of the correct chapter, but upon further investigation of your site, I found myself very pleased with all of your resources. Your virtual Stations of the Cross is a simple to follow pleasure. Thank you for the format that you keep. I have a friend who is converting to the Church this year and will be confirmed this Easter. I will be sure to pass your site on to her.

I converted about 2 years ago and am learning about the whole church as fast as I can. I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your website was recommended by our R.C.I.A instructor. I must tell you I have not been disappointed. I think it is just wonderful and I am using it more and more. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for you and your staff. You have indeed built a wonderful learning tool for those of us who have so much to learn about Jesus and the Church.

I am from Jacksonville, FL, but I found your bible studies online and have found them tremendous so far. Who writes them? They are well written going verse by verse and easy to understand. I just wanted to pass on my thanks for helping me understand the scriptures and inquire who writes them.

I just [wanted] to pass on [my] appreciation to the person who prepares the Bible Study lesson and weekly Mass readings section. [I'm] disabled and a part of a Bible Study group and found your website “through the Holy Spirit”. It has been a great help.

I just wanted to drop you a line and say I found your site looking for the CCC and found a lot more. It is a great site and I want to thank you for putting it up and allowing the world to benefit from all of your hard work.

Greeting folks behind the Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church website. I stumbled upon your website today by accident in Google - and wow! I'm really impressed with how much positive information for Catholics that you provide on it.

Wow! What a great Catholic resource site. This is a treasure trove of God’s blessings. It is obvious that your parish has put some serious time and love into pulling all of this together. Thank you and God bless you all!

I am an RCIA teacher in Albion, Michigan and I just wanted to take a minute to thank your entire parish and staff for all of the great work that you have done with your website and the wonderful resources that are available. I have used your website countless times to help me with unusual questions or topics of discussion during my classes. Your resources are second to none and are appreciated. Thanks for making my life easier without even knowing it. God Bless you all.

We converted to the Catholic Church last Easter after worshiping together as Lutherans for 53 years. At first, we were puzzled why it took us so long to convert; the reason soon became obvious and we were overjoyed. In posting to our blog, which concentrates on ‘Thought and Interpretation’, we usually consult the Catechism for justification. We recently found your excellent online reference and wish to thank you for publishing it by paragraph number. Again, thank you and keep up the good work! Peace, ... San Angelo, TX

I ran across your website as I was searching for a way to use the Catechism of the Catholic Church in one window while referencing the EWTN RSV-Catholic Bible search in another window, as I studied from my Ignatious Study Bible. (Trying to flip pages back and forth using three big books was getting too difficult for me; reading my Ignatious volume and clicking and scrolling through the other two is much easier). Anyway, I found much more than I was initially looking for in your website. I feel blest, and I am thankful to God for what you have done in putting together this absolutely awesome and wonderful tool of evangelization. Thank you and God bless you.

Oh my goodness!!! Your website is wonderful and although I have had it as an favorite for some reason I never realized you were in Picayune, MS. Thank you so very much for the prayers and the bible studies and being able to print them off.

Hi I have just found your website and would like to sincerely thank you. I am just beginning to rediscover my faith truly, not just go to church but learn about my faith. I really had no idea where to start and then I found your site. I think I will have many hours of reading from you site alone! A good starting point I think. Thank you!

WOW! THANK YOU! To whomever undertook this project ...I will pray for you! This is the best representation on the web (including that of the Vatican) well laid out and easy to reference...thank you very much...makes research fun!

I am a Sister Servant of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in Cresson, PA, and happened to come upon your website when I was looking for an excerpt from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I was so impressed with your website and the evident lively faith you are commited to foster and nurture. Thank you. I would love to see pastors all over use your website as a model for communication, but especially for zeal in evangelizing and catechizing the faithful.

Hi, There is not a week goes by but I click into your web site. I find it fantastic. I think at this stage I know everything that's happening in your parish. Every week I find something new that I usually pass on to my PP. ... I`m a sacristan in a little church; called St.Patricks` Rathoe, Co. Carlow, Ireland.I have recommended your site to so many people , especially Ministers of the Word, to read your Bible studies regarding the Sunday readings... Please keep up the excellent work. God Bless you all.

Thank God for your website and praise to all that keep it going. I am from Washington Indiana and found your site when I was searching for a searchable Catechism. I saw your Marian devotion, the Stations of the Cross, the tabernacle, the crucifix, the alter, your saints and other statues, you outward sign that we are people that supports all life and all those things tell a story of who we are and praise God. It makes me feel good that you are there being the Church on the Hill that Jesus gave us. In these times, we need more Catholic parishes that provide a safe haven, a way back home for all our brothers and sisters that have fallen away and for brothers and sisters that discover the fullness of the Catholic faith and all the Sacraments our Father has for us. Thank God for Eucharistic Adoration, what a gift God has given us. Keep up the work and I will pray for your everlasting fidelity and ask Saint Joseph Pignatelli the Patron Saint of Fidelity to pray for you as well. I am ... from Our Lady of Hope Parrish in Washington Indiana. Thank you and God Bless

Hi, I just learned that you have posted the CCC. First of all, THANK YOU. I was waiting for someone to do this.

I live in Dubai where i can go for adoration from time to time. I am so happy that the sacrament is adored continuously in your parish since 15 years.. Congratulations God deserves nothing less than all we can give. I found your website while looking for a dowloadable version of the CCC. I can read on your web site there is a version for mobile phones...

I just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoy the weekly commentaries on the scriptural readings. They are very inspirational and particularly helpful in understanding the context and historical meaning of the passages. Thank you ...

Thank you so much for the input on the Bible Studies it is so helpful and amazing how we look at the Word of God so many things we are missing out of. ... Thank you so much for the foot notes.... May God Bless You All for your good works. Be at peace with your own soul, then heaven and earth will be at peace with you.

Hello. I just wanted someone from your church to know that although I do not attend there. I live and attend Catholic church here in Omaha Nebraska, that I find myself returning to your website again and again for resources. I have found the catechism online and the examination of conscience resources particularly helpful. Thank you for your wonderful website.

Hello, Just a quick note to thank you for the limitless resources your website offers. I am a parishioner at St. Charles Borromeo in Salmon, ID. I'm DRE as well as prayer chain organizer and have found so many resources from what I consider our "sister parish". I've used materials for Confirmation, prayers, Advent. God has certainly blessed you with a gift to provide this to so many! I just keep finding more and more resources...a supernatural result from gifts well used! I'm sure many others feel the same! May the Holy Spirit continue to bless you and guide you in this ministry.

I was asked to work with a young family preparing to enter the church. We had misplaced our copy of the catechism during a move. It was such a blessing to find it online. Thank you to your parish for providing such a great service.

Thank you for your wonderful website...having the Catechism of the Catholic Church so readily available and so easy to use Is a fantastic gift...we are using it as a reference for our Psalms study. and of course, your entire website is very impressive...what an active ministry! Gratefully sending Peace and Many blessings...

Hello, We live in Australia and use your online Catechism often and I have to say your whole parish is doing wonderful things for the rest of the world and many graces are flowing out of your parish via the web. We in certain parts of Australia are starved of good Catholic orthodoxy and orthopraxis, you good people set an example to the whole of the Catholic western world. I am going to have a look at what universities and schools you have near by because I am seriously thinking about moving the family over to Mississippi. Please remember us all, Down Under in Australia, in your parish prayers of the faithful.

I recently found your website and want to thank you for having this available to me. I have had very difficult time recently and have loved your bible studies section. This is invaluable please accept my sincere thanks for helping me with my faith.


Good day to you. The searchable version of the Catechism at the St. Charles Borromeo website is a wonderful resource. Do you plan to put a searchable version of the Compenium of the Catechism on the website?

Hi there... The mobile friendly catechism is a great idea. I wonder though if you could make a mobile friendly page that has the four mobile friendly links on it: table of contents, search, etc, and perhaps put an easily accessible search box at the top of each mobile table of contents page so one can easily search the full text without having to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Just a couple ideas. Thanks for providing his online. A great resource.

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful work on the website in your Bible study area. We are a small Parish in California and hold a men's group bible study each week where each of us "volunteer" to review and lead the discussion of the readings. In researching the "13th Sunday of Ordinary Time" via Google on the web I found your excellent work, and used it to help me guide the discussion this morning. Your work is the best I've found, bar none! I thank you, and my small group at St. Mary's Parish, in Los Gatos, CA, all thank you as well. God bless you and your work...

Your online catechism is great! My husband and I are SFO and attended a retreat this weekend where the Catechism was referenced serveral times. I just decided to see if there was an online version during my lunch and found your sight. Thank you so much.

I want to thank you for your wonderful website! I found a link to it on catholic.com and passed it on to our director of religious education so that it can be included for our catechists next year. I'm always looking for resources to learn more about my faith and be prepared to defend it, and this website will help alot.

Greetings, I have landed on scborromeo.org on many occasions over the years. I have a great deal of admiration for the work you've done reaching out beyond your local community. Your work on the website is a wonderful ministry.

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that your website is well done, an excellent resource. Blessings...

Dear Father Snyder and Parishioners, Thank you for supporting faithful Catholic teaching through your most excellent website. Your searchable Catechism has been an invaluable tool for me and my theology students. While traveling over the Christmas Season, I rejoiced when I saw that I would pass near your parish. My family and I made the detour, and by God's grace were able to join your community for the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. During Mass, my wife and I were both struck by the reverence and attentive worship. Both during and after Mass, we were treated to warmth and hospitality. Thank you, Father Snyder, for being such a fine pastor for such a fine flock. It has been our privilege to come to know you over the years and finally to have met you all. Peace be with you

Father Mike, Just a friendly note to tell you how much I appreciate your website. I have several copies of the CCC, still your site comes in handy for students making copies of a page to take home to study. Thank God for your ambition in creating this site. Kindly thank your staff on my behalf and tell them, as you no doubt already have, that they are God's handy workers.

Dear Church of St. Charles Borromeo, Thank you so much for placing so many prayers on line! I live in New York, on Long Island, and go to your site every morning to read some prayers. You have done a wonderful service by having so many prayers uploaded on your site... Thank you and God bless

...the paper on your site regarding the Nicene Creed was an excellent "deconstruction" of this important statement of our faith. I found it while researching the Creed for an upcoming Confirmation preparation course. I intend to use it and will certainly credit your Church for it. Please pass on my appreciation for this ministry to those who prepared and shared this document.

Hi fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, may God bless you for compiling an amazing website that nurtures the spirit with the word of God. I have been dying for more accessible and relevant catholic resources for a while. Surely, your website is one of the them for me. Especially, Cathecism of the Catholic Church, I am glad you asked, and To tell you the the Truth ... are some of my favourite ones. May God bless you abundantly.

You have a remarkable website filled with a large amount of the beautiful prayers of the Church, which I will immediately bookmark for my own personal use. I am a retired gentleman, who is spending a lot of my time reading, praying, and visiting Catholic media websites which I can only get on my computer, a year ago.

Hi, I would just like to say thank you for putting together a fantastic site. It is informative, inspiring and orthodox, which I truly appreciate. I'm particularly thankful that in the "glad you asked" section you address the fallacy that the unforgivable sin is something which can be committed during one's life with no hope of repentance. As an individual who has dealt with and experienced scrupulosity, I appreciate your clarification of this and reminder that ALL sins CAN be forgiven, which means that there is always hope in Christ. I also gained a lot from reading the section on contraception. Thank you and God Bless.

Having the Catechism online in such an accessible fashion as I prepare lectures and talks is a great benefit. I thank all those involved in this wonderful endeavor. God bless!

Hello. Being from NYC, I probably sound naive in thinking that Mississippi has few Roman Catholics. I know it's a big Baptist/Protestant state, and I thought Catholics were the slim minority, but I see from your website that can't possibly be the case. And if it is in the minority, non-Catholics passing through your website, or perhaps reading a local article on the church, are sure to convert and rejoice forever as Catholics. As an elementary school catechist, I enjoyed the excerpts from the "I'm Glad You Asked" book and will suggest that to my pastor. I especially enjoyed reading the feedback from around the world. The Internet has certainly the world a smaller place and it's nice to have positive truth spread from it.

Good morning folks behind the Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church website. I have to admit - I'm impressed. I was browsing your site today for the first time and, quite honestly, I'm very impressed with the information and features that you have on it. It looks to be a very well thought out and put together website for anyone both in and out of your congregation looking for more information on your church!

I have downloaded a paper from your website – “What Do Catholics Believe? (The Nicene Creed)” which I plan to use during our RCIA retreat next month (the retreat will be focusing on The Nicene Creed and what it means to be Catholic). I wanted to sincerely thank you and your parish for an providing access to this wonderful resource, which I am certain will be very helpful to our candidate.

I was referred to your website to read the Guide for Examination of Conscience for Confession of Sins. I am in a suburb of Chicago and come back to the church after 30 years. I am 51 and I know go to church every day unless I am sick (happened only once so far). I did my first confession 3 weeks ago and I thought I remembered everything but after reading 6 steps to a good confession know I see I left a lot out. Tonight our church is having Advent Penance Service and they will be having a time for confession also. So thank you very much for your website with that info. Fills my heart with love and joy to know I can now confess all I know about now. God Bless You all.

Your website saved me hours of searching, first for the book in our library and, after that, the Lord knows where. All in Dublin, anyway! I just wanted the Church's word on 'Lent' and there it was, in Paragraph 1438. Thank you, and God bless all who worked on your website as a service to many.

You have a remarkable website filled with a large amount of the beautiful prayers of the Church, which I will immediately bookmark for my own personal use.

A brief note of thanks for such a wonderful web site filled with sound, orthodox resources for all to use and enjoy. Christus Victor

I have just found your website and want to thank you for posting this. It is most wonderful and informative. There are soo many pages to use. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!

I have only begun to explore your webpage...thank u so very much as i see jesus christ in every word, every prayer you display, for the many sinners who grace your pages..thank you again, i only wish i had more ink to take u to morning mass... your brother in CHRIST

I was in search of patron saints of students and found the website of your church. It is lovely and very busy. I searched to see if you had a Legion of Mary. There was a rosary group for men, which I saw. I found no legion. Your church is beautiful, and I am sure the adoration brought the results of what I saw on the site. God bless your continued ministries.

Bula from Fiji--- A group of us have gathered religiously each Monday evening for the past three years to share scripture. We have used the Bible Study PDF’s for each Sunday from your website as part of the documentation we read and refer things to. Many thanks for having this on-line for us to use and I have passed this on to other little grouping of friend within the islands of Fiji and as far as Islamabhad in Pakistan, Hilo in Hawaii and Perth in Western Australia. Your upgraded website has been very welcoming as well as it is user-friendly and gives us great ideas on how we could lift the advocacy of the catholic faith in our small corner of the world. Thank you, thank you again for bolstering our weekly sessions.

Dear Fr. Snyder and Friends at St. Charles Borromeo, I just wanted to write a brief note to tell you that I have been greatly edified and aided by your rich commentary on the readings for the Sundays of the year and the feast days of the Church's life. The biblical exegesis, the history and sacred tradition are all truly amazing and helpful. Your commentaries on the readings are, by far, the best that I have found of all those that are available on the web. So thank you so much for what you are doing to help priests to have good, solid information to help develop sound homilies.

Hello, John -- I am just finally wrapping up my research paper and came across a line in one article that mentions St. Charles Borromeo. I had no idea that the previous Catechism -- the Roman Catechism of 1566 or Catechism of Trent -- was developed by a commission presided over by St. Charles Borromeo! Now I think he was hard at work with the Holy Spirit in your parish helping you bring the new Catechism to the world. God bless you always. You are really an apostle. (Oh, the topic of my paper was The Holy Spirit and the Mission of the Apostles....) :)

I am wondering if it is possible to purchase copies of the booklet called I'm glad you asked that. I think it is a wonderful booklet and also think that it would be nice to have it available to the parishioners in out parish. Your website is absolutely wonderful. I think it is fantastic that you have been able to keep the Perpetual Adoration going for so many years. We tried, but couldn't even keep it going for one half day on Saturdays. I always come to your site to find answers in the Catechism because you have made it so easy to do so. The Bishop's site doesn't do as well, you submit the question and get 500 referrals. Thank you.

I have recently found your website. It is a wonderful resource (I especially like the ability to search the catechism). Thank you very much for providing it.

Greetings from Roswell, GA. I just wanted to compliment you on your wonderful website - you have so much great information! I have found your Bible study links very helpful in planning our youth program. ... Thank you, again, for putting together this website.

I just had to share with you how your ministry of being the webmaster of St. Charles Borromeo Parish has impacted me. I don't remember how I came across your website the first time. I probably googled something along the lines of catholic teaching resources. Recently I was googling again for an online version of the CCC. Your website was the first or second one that popped up - and that's google! I thought that spoke highly of your usefulness for other googlers. I looked at a few other google results on my CCC search, even the USCCB - but your online text and index was the BEST one for user-friendliness, simplicity, and thoroughness. When I first encountered your website I was just blown away by the level of technological sophistication. -- Especially the left bar site map, your virtual tour and your parish calender with roll-over pop ups giving more details of every event! This kind of website really was a WITNESS - it really showed that the SCB community had a burning desire to make itself available to the world - to carry out the Great Commission in a truly effective way. In a technology generation, a church with a cutting edge website is crucial to the mission of evangelization! The funny thing is, I am now a School Secretary at another St. Charles Borromeo community! - one in ... CA - And all because of your website! When I read on your website about the story of St. Charles and how his mission in life was apologetics, something always close to my heart, I started praying for a job where I could by myself and use the talents God gave me in a way that was as inspiring as your community. I kept praying, and when I moved [to CA] last summer, I discovered a parish here by the same name! I kept praying hard and it wasn't long before a sequence of events was put into action that eventually led to my hiring here. I am really thriving and flourishing in my new job and so grateful that I learned about Saint Charles Borromeo. I just launched a new weekly one-page catechesis to be sent home in the school's parent envelopes...and I still use your website as a resource. I also plan to refer our own webmaster to your website as an example and a goal for our own role in cyber-ministry. Thank you for responding to God's call to use all your gifts and talents for technology to benefit his kingdom. May Jesus be born in a new way in you this Advent and Christmas season.

Hi! This is quite a site. I'm envious of it. Thanks for the good work.

What an absolutely wonderful job you have done, and continue to do, on the St. Charles Website. My husband and I were parishioners for 5 1/2 years before moving to Oklahoma. The pictures bring tears to my eyes for we miss our beautiful church and Priest. Please keep up the good work and we intend to visit the website as often as we can. Thank you for taking the time to place this information for all to see and learn. St. Charles holds a special place in our hearts.

Your website is absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for the information and links. God bless you!

The Lord give you peace! (Greeting of St. Francis of Assisi) Dear Fr. Michael, I just wanted to take a moment to say a big THANK YOU to you and your web site staff for putting the entire Catholic Catechism online at your site. I have found it very useful thing! Peace and good to you.

I have been a big fan of your very generous and beautifully done Catechism of the Catholic Church for a long time now. Finally today I got nosey and started looking at the rest of your site. It is fantastic! A truly world-class resource for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. A wonderful job, and so rich in information. The Sunday Bible Study series alone would be enough to qualify y'all as major players e-Evangelization, but it just keeps going on and on. You and your pastor and parish deserve the thanks of all faithful web denizens... Thanks ever so much to you and everyone responsible for producing and maintaining such a wonderful resource.

Dear Webmaster, your website has the most usable Catechism of the Catholic Church that I have ever found. It is very easy to search and maneuver within it... Peace be with you.

I am a parishoner in Grand Rapids Michigan. I usually read the daily passage as part of my morning routine. I have found your bible studies by seaching key phrases of the bible text in google. I have found them to be very helpful. You have a great website; I wish I could help our parish do something similar.

Hello Father. I am a university student from Washington DC. I came across your catechism search, which allows me to enter keywords and get responses just wonderful. I thought "WOW- What a great bunch of guys (seminarians) there at St Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philidelphia - but they really went betond the call of duty - I'll have to thank them in helpin me do my latest term paper." With 'a bit of egg on my face', um, let me thank you for your most awesome web-site search abilities. Hmm My church (huge with 4000 families) could learn from you guys. God bless you all!

I wanted to write a quick note to let you know how much I admire your church's website. I use the searchable catechism almost daily and never realized it was hosted by an individual parish. It is refreshing to see a church that is proud of its faith and eager to share it with its own parishioners and the world. Why that is so rare, I can't quite understand. I am working to establish a new Catholic school in Union County, NC, where there are NO Catholic schools within an hour's drive. The closest most Catholics seem to get to "apologetics" here is the practice of apologizing for being Catholic. By the grace of God, in a few years we will see an enthusiastic younger generation formed through a diligent parish school. I want you to know how inspiring your church's materials are to me as we work towards that goal.

Hello! I have been using your catechism website for ages but I never realized it was attached to a parish website until I happened upon your main website today. Your website is unbelievable. I have lived in the south - I know what it's like to be a member of the only Catholic parish in an entire county. Now I live in the Philadelphia Archdiocese - or "Catholicland" as my friends in NC call it. We're spoiled up here. People don't realize how good we have it. So many take the "Catholic culture" we enjoy here for granted. Your parish seems to be amazing. What a gift to the Catholics in Picayune but also what a gift to our protestant brethren. God bless you! I love to see things like this. It gives me great hope. Have a very blessed Holy Week and a joyful, wonderful Easter!

Grace, mercy and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ: Would you please pass on my thanks to whoever's responsible for posting the Catechism to the internet. It's a major work of love for which I'm appreciative.

Your website is awesome! I have never seen such a large collection of reference materials organized in a user-friendly manner. May God continue to bless the work you are doing!

To St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church: I just wanted to thank you for the easy access to the catechism. I am a teacher of Religion ... in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada and I use it all the time and I encourage my students to use your site also when they are researching the Catholic teaching pertaining to their topic of study. Keep up the good work it is very much appreciated.

Hello and Peace be with you! I am a frequent visitor of you site for Sunday Bible readings and commentaries and thank God for such an excellent work. Blessing to those that prepare them. Few years ago I graduated from [a] Catholic [university] in Los Angeles.... Unfortunately, did not receive much instruction on the early Church Fathers' Commentaries and teaching, though insisted on including this area in the curricula. I noticed the wealth of references that your site provides to the Biblical analysis. My request to you is for information about accessing these resources of Early Christianity. This is because I believe that Catholic approach to the Bible should be simultaneously complemented with references to early Fathers interpretations, Church History for consideration of theological developments and the Catechism. Sincerely thankful and wishing Blessings to all of you.

Father Snyder: I am absolutely floored by your website!! I use it when preparing my CCD classes!! Bless your Parish and your leadership. Through Him!!

Thanks for publishing as a public service your fine page on the rosary and the traditional prayers related to it. I couldn't recall the end of the prayer "Hail, Holy Queen," and your page, http://www.scborromeo.org/prayers/rosary.htm, was the first hit for my Google search.... Thanks again for publishing this fine page online!

Fr. Michael, I happened upon your site through Yahoo. Just wanted to say it's a nice site and your church looks like an amazing church! I know that people grow closer to Christ through their worship there.

I just wanted to say thanks for... posting the material online. I write an article each week for my parish that includes a similar catechetical question as well as a saint of the week and prayer meditations so I know how much time and effort went into your project. It is well organized and answers are thorough and very down to earth and easy to relate to. The website is wonderful. Thanks and keep up the good work!

I thank God that I discovered your website scborromeo.org. The home page photograph, showing the sanctuary of the church building, is itself a masterpiece. The simplicity, elegance and beauty of the sanctuary immediately draw the viewer's attention to the Crucifix above the altar, and to the Tabernacle below, wherein dwells the Real Presence of Christ. This tells the viewer, that this church preaches Christ crucified and raised from the dead, and immediately tells the viewer that the Priest(s) responsible for this knows what he is doing, and that he is doing a good job; and this compels the user to explore this site. Then when you click on the home page image, and you see the link for Eucharistic Adoration, you realize with delight, "No wonder this parish is so ALIVE! Every parish that has Eucharistic Adoration thrives and flourishes, has good Mass attendance, and never has a problem raising money for the Bishop's Annual Appeal or meeting its expenses." That is because the Eucharist is the Heart of the Church, the beginning and the ultimate goal of the soul's deepest longings, the be all and the end all of human existence. Once the Most Holy Eucharist is given Its rightful place of Primacy at the very center of the church and parish life, everything else naturally falls into place. People often discuss why Mass attendance is decreasing. It is my conviction that if Eucharistic Adoration were to be held in every chapel and church in the world, the churches would be filled to overflowing. I want to commend and thank you, and the webmaster, and everyone responsible, for the creation of this website and for making this parish a fertile place where people can grow in the grace of God. This is by far the best parish website I have ever seen, and I have only viewed half a dozen pages. I give you my promise, Fr. Michael, that I will pray for you and for your Priestly ministry, everyday. Please pray for me. Thank you for all your hard work.

Just a short thank you. I am [a] Vicar... in Cheshire, England. Every week, we produce a prayer diary covering each day of the week to come, which is distributed at our Sunday Services. It is normally written by several of our parishioners, taking turns. Unfortunately, they sometimes forget – which means that I have to write the weekly prayers, usually at the last minute. This was the case this Saturday night. Just as I was about to get down to writing, I was called out to a very troubled young man (not wholly of his doing) who was suicidal. After four hours, we finally got him to a place of safety. Coming back at midnight, I realised that the prayers still had to be written. Very tired, and a bit desperate, I Googled ‘holy spirit prayers’, and you came up third on the list. There wasn’t really time to ask permission, so I hope you don’t mind that I used a selection of your ‘Prayers to the Holy Spirit’. I don’t know where Picayune, Mississippi is (and I’m sure you won’t know where High Legh, Cheshire is), but you’ve blessed us tonight. Please pray for John, the young man in trouble. Thank you again and the Lord bless your Church and its ministry.

I wish to say; "Thank You" for the chance to read about Catechism. I have wanted to attend a Catholic Church and become a member. I am 58 and feel I am too old to start, but through your web site I hope to have a better chance.

very intresting nice and wonderful for both personal use and as group

Dear St. Charles B Parishioners: About 4 years ago I started my journey toward the Catholic faith. I was a lifelong Baptist and moving toward Catholic Christianity was no small step for me. I spent a lot of time reading books and researching on the internet. I happened upon your website and found it very helpful. I returned time and again and visited many of the help links you provided and spent a lot of time on with your on-line catechism before going out and purchasing my own. Well to make a very long story short. I was received into the Church on March 26, 2005. It was without a doubt one of the most joyful experiences of my life. I was looking for some quick information once again this morning and found myself on your website once again. I realized I had never said thank you for the help I found. So, THANK YOU, many times over. What a wonderful service you provided to me and I am sure many others. If you are ever in St. Louis, Missouri, please stop in and visit us at St. Augustine Catholic Church, Sunday Mass is at 8:00 and 10:30 am! Yours in His Peace and Love...

I absolutely love this site!!!!

I love your Website, Thank you for sharing it with us.

Dear John, Thank you very much for the information about your website related to its link to the Catechism.

While 'surfing the net' looking for Bible sites, I came across SCB's website - and, was quite impressed. The Webmaster did an excellent job! I teach a Catholic Bible Study program on the Acts of the Apostles specifically focusing on the travels of St. Paul to prisoners at one of our state jails. While the program is intended to be for Catholics, there are many non-Catholics who also attend. As a result, I get many questions with a decidedly Protestant orientation. I found sections of your site to be very helpful in preparing myself for these questions (wished I had found it sooner)! ;-)

I am writing to express my gratitude for your wonderful website and specifically the prayer section and prayers to patron saints. This week, I was feeling overworked and overstressed. It is at these times that I find myself weak to sinful behavior - anger and other even more sinful behaviors. Although I try very hard to be a good Catholic, by praying the rosary and attendance at Mass more than once per week. Sometimes when I am at home, I have needed something to carry me through and help me. Your website has helped me with this. I accessed your website in the hope of finding a good prayer that would help me to avoid my sinful behavior and your website hit the spot. I opened the prayers to the Holy Spirit and recited some with fervor. Afterwards I opened some favorite prayers of the saints and it helped me further. I ended up not acting sinfully but rather praising God for your website. Today, once again, I am accessing your website to continue this morning devotion with a few prayers from the lists that you have posted. God bless you and your parish for this wonderful website. Please accept my heartfelt thanks. May God bless you and your parish.

Thank you for putting The Catholic Catechism online. I am a member of a small parish in southeast Arkansas. We have started a program ... this lent which focuses on The Catholic Catechism. Some of our members do not have a copy or are elderly and need large print. Your website has solve our problem in a cost effective way. I will enjoy browsing your site in the days to come to see what other treasures are there.

Dear Father Michael, Am sending off a quick e-mail to express thanks for something you may not even realizes happens. ... I am a Pastoral Associate ... in South Philadelphia. One of my deepest joys is to guide our weekly Scripture sharing group. We have been together for four years--and these eleven senior citizens are avid learners-- always wanting more and more insight into each week's readings. I have been challenged each year to offer them new and exciting resources. This year, I came upon your parish Bible study web-site and have been indebted to its contributors ever since. Just want you to know that the quality of what I find there is superb--and is nourishing Scripture lovers miles away. Please convey our thanks to whoever does you web-site-- it is attractive...and educative. Your parish is blessed to have you-- and you, those who contribute to making your parish so attractive-- even to someone miles away. God bless you all-- let's pray for each other-

I don’t know why, but I would just like to say that I certainly wish I lived in Picayune! Would that we had a church like yours in Birmingham! We have a few wonderful orthodox churches that are eager to share the faith and minister to our community, but consequently they are so crowded they are overworked! I am committed to stay at my (closet liberal Catholic) church for now. Blessings, a convert, who is just a sheep (a happy little Catholic one!)

Dear Fr. Mike, I want to thank you for the terrific website. It's so great to have the documents of the Church online. I've bookmarked your site, and know I'll be visiting frequently; I write articles and essays focusing on apologetics and Christian/Muslim relations. Thanks again, may you and your parish community continue to be abundantly blessed.

[The Truth] is really fantastic and really gives you a lot of insight into the history of the church. Thank you and God Bless You.

Hi! I wanted to tell you Thanks for such a WONDERFUL web site! I found it just a few days ago and I haven't been able to stay offline to long! I have been looking for such a site for a long time. I know what work is involved in such an extensive site and how much I REALLY appreciate the work, time and effort that is involved. Thank you VERY much!!!!!!

I wanted to let you know that [I'm Glad You Asked] helped me greatly. It helped me understand aspects of my faith I never understood as a Cradle Catholic. Since reading it, reflecting, and looking to learn more I have been attending Mass at my local parish every Sunday with my family. I have also joined the Bible study group which meets weekly. Thank you for creating and disseminating this document!

To Whom It May Concern, Your website is awesome and so helpful for my high schoolers to view the catechism thru your indexing.. tnx

I stumbled into your website while looking for a CCC reference on google. It's the best parish website I've seen.

Hi everyone @ St Charles Parish. I was surfing the web about Divine Mercy Sunday and stumbled upon your website. The reason it caught my attention is because I belong to St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, a Parish in Lima, Ohio. Your website has a lot of really good information. I've been reading your book I'm Glad You Asked. It is very informative. I felt compelled to send you an email to tell you to keep up the good work. God bless.

You have a great website! Lots of wonderful information, easy to use, good graphics! Keep up the good work maintaining St. Charles Borromeo's impressive web site.

I just wanted to e-mail you and let you know how awesome your parish web site is!! ... I'm currently the spiritual director for the men's Christ Renews His Parish retreat program. I've given your web address to all the guys in my formation group. It really is a blessing to have all these wonderful facets of our faith available in one web site. You are doing wonderful things - especially the perpetual adoration! Wow! Sorry to ramble on. I really just wanted to say thank you!

I was trying to find some "catechism" exerpts that would broaden a theme for a new women's prayer group in our parish, St. Helen in Newbury, OH (30 miles east of Cleveland-in the country.) I wanted to introduce our women to using the catechism as a reflection on the theme of each meeting.Upon googling, your catechism site came up and I began using it rather unconsciously. Later I noticed that it was connected to your parish and went to your site. I felt like I found "buried treasure"!! I cannot thank you enough for the amazing site you have developed. We will be sending for some of the books your parish has created. Please let all know that your "evangelization" light has spread to another parish who loves the Lord and is trying to catch everyone in the "net" of His Love. Your work made my planning for the prayer group easier and as I train others to lead the group, I can direct them to your site and we will also use your Bible studies to prepare better for the Sunday liturgy! May God bless you all for your work and your faithfulness to his amazing Love and His amazing Church. Your sister in Christ from Ohio, Kay Rado- We will keep your parish community in our prayers.

Congratulations on a fantastic parish website!

Great website you have. By the way I have an inkling that someone should start the above in my country Malaysia. God bless you and all your parishioners.

Found the site and I admire your handiwork! Congratulations on a job well done!

These informational booklets and the point papers are really good. Thanks to everyone involved for using their God given gifts to put them together and making them available on the web. I suggest you submit all the documents to the bishop for the "nihil obstat" and the "imprimatur." Once received, you could publish them as cathetical material for adult formation, RCIA, and other groups. Thanks again for your wonderful works. Have a Great Day in the LORD.

Dear Webmaster at St Charles Borromeo - We would like to acknowledge what a great job you do keeping the searchable Catechism online. It was down yesterday and in its temporary absence, we realised just what a fine tool it was. We are working on Curriculum Frameworks for schools in the Melbourne Archdiocese and have found the site invaluable. No other online Catechism is comparable in accessibility or usefulness. So thank-you for a job very well done.

You have the best parish site I've ever seen. I esp. like the searchable catechism. My wife and I use it regularly.

I'd like to say that your website is the best Catholic site I have ever visited. I think it is a reflection of your community's strong Catholic faith. Every morning before work, I say prayers I read from your website. Thank you for the blessings ! One day I shall visit Saint Charles Borromeo.

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!

I wanted to just take a moment and thank you for your wonderful website. Although we don’t live in your area, I was looking for some information on the internet and your website came up in a google search. I am catholic homeschool mom in NY and we are working on our prayers. Your parish website had every prayer I needed (and some I didn’t know I needed). Thank you for the great job.

Greetings from New Zealand on this Sunday morning, cold damp wet and windy (back end of a cyclone coming down from the pacific, thank goodness we do not get them very often) thank you for this wonderful CATHOLIC site, will give me hours of pleasure particularly about the Scriptures and how we got the Bible. I have been and still contact with many 'anti-catholic' sites and there version as to how we got the scriptures, you have probably heard it allbefore (JPII has gone to hell, and all catholics are going to hell etc etc etc). Once I tell them how they got the Bible from the Church (even Luther himself said so!) I get the old fashioned 'have you been saved' and then when we have a few emails pass they want to break off contact and ask me not to write again, there are so many of them some worse than others, but it is one way of evangelising especially those who called themselves 'ex catholics' (many priests and sisters and brothers). I find it very challenging with the help of people like yourselves. thank you. this year [my wife] and I will celebrate our 50 years (golden years) and I will celebrate just one week before the date in September, being baptised and received into the Church, thanks to [my wife] and many others who helped and prayed for me on this wonderful journey, which in fact took about 5 years thank you again, in the Name of Our Risen Lord and His Blessed Mother. from Whangarei, Northland, NZ.

What a wonderful site! Thanks for the wonderful explanations for the Sunday readings. My husband & I have several books we refer to for this purpose - but additional info is always helpful! So generous that this scholarly work would be free! Thanks from cyberspace!

Dear Webmaster, I visit Picayune occasionally and attend St. Charles. I decided to look for your website for information. I am a retired photographer and wanted to say that the pictures on the website are very good. Whoever took them did a great job.

I just wanted to thank you for your online books! I use them all the time to help non-Catholics understand the Faith. The book "I'm Glad You Asked" and "To Tell You The Whole Truth" and the online Catechism have been so resourceful! Thank you so much for offering this on your site. You have reached a lot of people because of them :)

St. Charles Borromeo Parish, I would like to thank you for posting your Bible Studies on the web. I have used them as a componant in my RCIA class, and everyone in the class enjoys them very much.

After 2 of my children who are in college challenged me with some "Catholic" questions I found your website. It is extremely helpful and I plan to share it with my children as well as with some of my friends. I teach in a Catholic grade school and find it essential to have access to answers so readily. Thank you so much. I will be using it as a reference often.

I just wanted to tell you that your website is wonderful. The prayers are wonderful, the information, everything, I will save your site to help me.

I like your site!

A veritable treasure trove of good, solid Catholic teaching, information, and links. Would that so many other supposed "catholic" sites were as comprehensive, faithful, and easy to use. Father, be assured your site is now at the top of my bookmark file, and I look forward to spending time here each day during my noon prayer time. May He richly bless you for the work you have provided here!

... thank you so very, very much for your wonderful web site. It continues to be a great source of information, inspiration, and comfort to me. God has, indeed, blest you all very much. Yours through the Hearts of JESUS and Mary.

Greetings in Christ Webmaster of St. Charles Borromeo, I found your website to be very informative and helpful for keeping your parish updated on activities in the church and also for them to find information about their faith... Thank you very much for all you do in your ministry.

What a wonderful book [The Truth]! A friend of mine, an apologist, found your book online and shared it with me today. It's truly a treasure that every Catholic and potential Catholic should own. We are hoping to promote your book within our RE and RCIA groups, and place an order soon. May God bless you for this wonderful contribution!

This [I'm Glad You Asked!] is a terrific book. It seems like such a simple idea. Ask the parishioners and you'll get a representation of what people really want to know about. I've been Catholic my whole life and yet there are all kinds of things I wonder about. Sometimes my questions are answered and sometimes I go on wondering. Usually, it's not important enough to push me into asking someone at my church, but I have looked online many times. This is the first web site that has actually answered some of my questions. Thank-you.

Good evening, I wanted to take a moment to tell you how impressed I am with your website. I find it very intuitive, organized and interesting. I am from Coventry Connecticut and we also have Perpetual Adoration at our church and also are beginning with small faith communities and monthly group faith sharing. It is awesome to see that your church appears to be as faith filled as our St. Mary’s parish is. We recently hosted an ACTS retreat at our retreat house, Immaculata, in Willimantic, CT. If you have not heard about this retreat, I strongly recommend that you do so. The men’s retreat was held in February and the women’s was in March/April. The teen retreat is in July and there will be more men’s and women’s retreats held later this year (hosted by St. Andrews in Colchester). This is a very exciting time for our Church and for those that have been called by God – your website and the information that you offer has renewed my desire to use the internet again. It is very refreshing to find such valuable information all stored in one location. You should be very pleased with the work you are doing for the Lord – I appreciate it. As the Lord says, rejoice in the 1 that have been found. Thank you.

Fr. Snyder, I happened upon your web site and am very impressed with it. As I seek to re-organize our parish site, I may incorporate some ideas from your site. I was extremely pleased to see your citation of, and the online article regarding St. Paul's Scriptural Arguments for Tradition. In all modesty, I couldn't have done a better job. :-) If my travels ever take me to Picayune, MS, I will be sure to stop by and attend Mass at your Church.

Hello! I just wanted someone to know how impressed I am with the scborromeo.org website. I am a Jesuit scholastic studying for the priesthood and I find your site extremely helpful in my studies as well as devotional life. May God continue to bless your work!

Hi! I'm writing you from Romania to greet you for the wonderfull work that you do!I think it's great that you are trying to sent and explain the words of God to those who are interested in it! I confess that I am an orthodox (not that I would like to make a difference, because in God's eyes we're all the same and we're all his children) which is begining to feel the need to be more close to the catholic church and your material helps me a lot! Thank you and if you ever have a work to do in my country I will be more than happy to help you! God bless you for each sacrifice you make in His name and in the name of His holy mother, our beloved Virgin Mary!

Thank you so much for having such a thorough, informative web site. I live in Ohio and we do not have any church web sites so wonderful and extensive. I am Catholic -- though not at this time as faithful and devout as I should be. I came across your site trying to find information to stop my sister and her fiance from becoming Born Again Christians, and much to my amazement I have found my faith rejuvenated. I just wanted to thank you for putting such a wonderful web site together and for answering so many questions that I had -- which I have never been able to really get from my own parish. I just wanted to let you know the difference you have made in my life and I thank you.

This is very good information. I am glad to have found it. I am starting an apologetics group at my parish in Augusta, GA. The layout of this information, including the charts are going to be some of our most effective teaching tools. Thank you very much for your hard work.

Let me just say that your web site which I found searching for items from the catechism is just marvelous! What an inspiration! Thanks for all the work that I am sure it took to do this.

Dear Father Michael, I just wanted to say thank-you to you and your parish for making the CCC available on-line. I participate in an on-line homeschooling community dominated by Protestants. Several Catholic women have been able to educate many of these women regarding what the Roman Catholic Church REALLY teaches and your searchable Catechism has been SUCH a help. I thought you might like to know that some of these women are now considering a journey into the Catholic faith and YOU deserve some of the credit... Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your website is bearing fruit.

Excellent website, both in content and esthetics.

Dear Webmaster, I just wanted to congratulate you on such a beautiful website. I helped to create a site for my Parish and Parish School and have found that during my collecting ideas and to place on our site (which is definitely still a work in progress) that your site is chock full of information that's helpful to not only your Parishoners but to all that are surfing the web. Thanks for supplying your site to us and keep up the great work!

Just wanted to thank you for all the prayers listed on your site. I did a search, looking for prayers for me and my husband. We figured, with such a wonderful 15 year marriage, how can we add some "spark." We decided that the intimacy must come out of our bedroom, and into our hearts. We started praying together...... Thank you again for such a wonderful rescue. I will pass on the link to others.

As I’m sure you’ve been told by many others: this is a great website, I thank you for contributing your time and talents.

Hi. I found your website from a friends site - Sacred Heart Organization Israel. It is so informative. And I like the comments in regard to those not faithful to the Church. I am guessing that we are talking about those who oppose the Vatican II. I personally have had runnings with some and was actually surprised by statements that the Seat of St Peter's has been empty since Pope Pius. To be honest these are making such anoise world wide that I have been sorrowfully left with the impression that it sets a divide in Our Church, almost like a Reformation within the Reformation under the banner of Catholicism. There are so many cradle Catholics that have been confused by this divide and on your website you give consolation and bury the confusion. For this I am very grateful. God Bless.

I teach beginning Catholic Education to middle schoolers in Staunton, Virginia. Your website is a blessing for me. I especially like the images page. Thank you for taking the time to post all those pictures and information. It is such a wonderful resource.

Piekna stronka - niech Pan Jezus blogoslawi Wszystkim, którzy pracuja nad jej tworzeniem. Szczesc Boze! [Beautiful website. May Jesus bless all whom He created . God bless! ]

Greetings from San Diego -- My son is in first grade at Good Shepherd Catholic School... we are working on a saint project. Thank you for the wonderful web site your parish put together, and for the guidance toward a biography of St. Charles.

I have been using the CCC paragraphs section on your website for a long time. I am a director of Religious Education in Port Chester, NY and also coordinator of our RCIA program. Your site is a tremendous help with my work.

Thank you for posting the Catechism of the Catholic Church on your website. It is a very useful tool.

Dear Friends in Christ, Thank you so much for your wonderful website and bible study material. It's been a great asset to our adult bible study. We've using it for several years... Thanks! A friend in Christ.

This is a very informative and helpful website. I am certain that much work went into the initial creation and continues in the updating of this site. I am definitely adding this website to "My Favorites." Keep up the great work! Vivat Jesus!

Hello! I am a Catholic school teacher... in Fostoria, OH. I was looking for a website to show my students to teach them about the Catechism and I plan on using your website for that. I really like the search tool your site provides. Thank you for providing this service for me and many others! God's peace be with you! (8th grade religion teacher)

Hello! I was searching for a novena to St. Anthony of Padua for a niece of mine and came across your site. I'd like to know where in MS you are located. Maybe we could come for a visit sometime. Your website is most informative and one I will pass on to family and friends as a reference. Blessings to you and all your ministries!!

Your website is great and an exellant resource. I help with a small bible reading group here in... Australia and arrived at your site for some referance material. It is a great help to me. Thank you very much.

Hello to Father Snyder, and all my Catholic brothers and sisters at SCB! I stumbled across your website and am very impressed with the apologetic materials there, and with the other information on your parish. I note that you have perpetual adoration… figures! Eucharistic adoration and a fiery love for Christ and His Church do seem to go hand in hand. Keep fighting the good fight!

Hello, I just had to send you an email saying I really love your website. You have done a fabulous job. It's eye-catching and easy to maneuver through it. You have so many details about the church, and the pictures are good quality. I am the webmaster at the parish where I work, and I'm just a beginner who uses CoffeeCup. I can't imagine putting in all the work you must have for your site.

I'm coming back to the Church and found your website through a priest friend of mine whose parish had a link to it. Excellent work.

dear fr michael, what a beautiful church you have and so many goings on.---perpetual adoration and regular bible study, you are very blessed.--i often come to your site and it is always refreshing.---if i ever get near to your neck of the woods, i will be certainly paying you a visit.----may Our Lord bless you all, in Jesus name.----------your brother in Christ.

Dear Father Michael, I just came upon your website via catholicity.com. I commend you for a great website, but even more importantly, I am impressed with the apparent vitality of your parish. I was also glad to see all the times you hear confessions. I teach religion at [a] Catholic High School in... Missouri and I will be having the students use your website for access to the catechism. You have it laid out well and it will be a good reference tool. Thanks for your ministry to God's people.

Dear [St. Charles Parish]... I'm out in Nebraska, and happened to come upon the St. Charles Borromeo website while I was "surfing the web" this morning. It certainly is a beautiful church, and I took the "guided tour" which has really been put together well. You've done a great job on that, and I was thinking that my parish should do something like it when the church renovations have been finished (though we don't know yet when they will even begin!)... Once again, thank you for the beautiful tour of your church. May God bless you and Mary keep you as you strive to do His will.

Hello. Working at Walt Disney World (EPCOT) for many years in close proximity with kids from all over the US and several foreign counties we often find ourselves backstage in spirited conversations on many cultural and (occasionally) religious subjects. Being Irish/American-Catholic, and a little older than the average, I find myself often turned to for my 'take'. With a healthy background in law, history and 'politics' from my college days I endeavor to take the documentory 'higher' ground and mostly espouse the historical 'theories' reminding my fellows that all is open to interpretation, and occasionally throw in verifiable facts and then try to direct them to the appropriate cite for the documentation. That said, I was on the fringes of someone's diatribe regarding the cruelties of the Catholic church during the Spanish Inquisition. Feeling a bit defensive I just had to jump in with reminding them it was Spanish, with emphasis on the 'Spanish'! Not to belabor the point, I was looking for a concise snippet, on-line, to illustrate the difference between the sad Spanish national embarrassment from the late 15th century and compare it to the decidedly more benign Roman Catholic ethic covering over 300 years (not to mention the Papal Inquisition) and was pleased to find Father Noone's site from 1999. It simply 'cuts to the chase'. I would have expected it from a university or some historical organization. What a pleasant surprise. It reminds me of Thomas Cahill's book, How The Irish Saved Civilization. Leave it to the Irish guy to get the educational word out. Pardon my pride. I just really get a kick out of it. Thank you all, much.

My dear fellow catholics, I am writing to you from Sydney Australia, I came to your site by accident and it gave me great relief and joy to go through your prayers and the virtual tour of your very beautiful church. I have my son... who is currently studying in a seminary to become a priest (God willing) I am very proud of him especially in these days of a materialistic society. He still has to go two years before he is ordained. I have been married for 45 years and thank God for everything he has given us. Though we have had some tough times I guess its the will of God. A couple of years ago I went into business for myself and lost all my possessions including our home. This year my wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer but fortunately it was only the beginning and they have been able to operate and she is now having radiations. When I think of all the things which have happened to us I always think of Job and how he accepted what God sent to him and find solace in this. Please pray for us that we will be able to cope with all our diversities. May the Blessed Virgin always look after the work which you are doing.

I just wanted to let you know you have a fantastic site. I so wish a Church was like this in my area. What a great treasure you have. Sincerely in Christ and Mary.

Dear Father, My name is Fr. Rob Pecotte and I just wanted to thank you for your awesome website! It is an excellent resource for the Church and I am grateful to you and your staff who have contributed to making the website available. I am also very happy that you do not charge a fee for spreading the Gospel! Keep up the Holy work...

... your work is excellent which of course is an obvious sign of the Holy Spirit. Without whom we would never become happy, joyous and free. Your brother in Christ.


Hello, I am... a Eucharistic Minister and my work takes me to medical facilities within our parish. I have found your bible study web pages very useful. Thank you.

I am gathering information for the good mormon fellows who said they would return to my house next week. I strayed to your website to find the Catholic Catechism here and quickly bookmarked it. Then I started the virtual tour of St. Charles. It was so lovely and inspiring to see the environment that lends itself to worship and prayer. I am in awe of your wondrous work. Keep it up. God bless you and all of St. Charles Borromeo parish.

Your website is one of the greatest Catholic treasures I have found. Thank you very much. I am using your Bible study with a Protestant buddy of mine. He and I talk on the phone each week... Thanks again.

The website rocks. I am going to use your Bible Study materials.

Thank you for making the Catolic Catechism available online. This is a really nice thing you have done.

Peace be with you! I want to say thank you to those who have done the work to create such a beautiful and informative website. Anytime I do a search engine to find info about the catholic faith your website comes up. I often find what I am looking for in the format or layout I need. May God Bless you and your work!

Dear Person in Charge, you folks are a blessing to us all. I wish our parish could do half what you are doing. I just recently found your website. Our parish is doing the Disciples in Mission this year and your Bible study on the Sunday readings is very helpful. I appreciate the fact that your interpretation is faithful to Tradition and the Magisterium. Thanks and may Gods Grace be with you all!

Dear Father,... The Scripture study section has been a wonderful guide for my own spiritual growth as it helps me come to a deeper understanding of the Scriptures. We also use your study material in our RCIA/Catholic Education class here at St. Francis Xavier Chapel, United States Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC. With the wonderful Scripture breakouts on the Sunday readings, many of our active duty Marines and Sailors are able to come to understand the Word of God. We also have military spouses in the class, as well as retired military members who live in the area. Thank You! God bless y'all. P.S. - Your Scripture studies have also gone on training deployment, aboard ships and with our troops deployed in the desert.

Father, I want to thank you and your parishioners for compiling this website. It has been a blessing and has helped bring me back to the folds of the Catholic Faith in the last year. I particularly enjoy the online version of the Cathechism; as it has aided me with personal questions. My favorite passage concers faith and reason: http://www.scborromeo.org/ccc/para/159.htm

Praise the Lord! It was an unexpected gift and pleasure to stumble across your "virtual tour" this evening while I was browsing the web for a bit of Catechism information. My family and I belong to St. Ann's parish here in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Our St Ann staff is currently busy at work to expand our own website, and it will be a pleasure for me to send a link to your parish web site to our office here in Florida. My mother's father's family is from McComb, MS, and my father is from Liberty, MS, perhaps that is why I felt instantly at peace viewing your church and grounds. I think, rather that it was more due to your obvious reverence for tradition in the building of your new church... this tradition I am sure is reflected not only in your sanctuary but in your parish community as well. What a blessed parish you must have!... Bless you for preserving sacred Catholic tradition in your church, for honoring Mary and the saints-- even the Seraphim! It is a beautiful church, one that actually brought tears to my eyes when I viewed it on my tiny computer monitor. Bless you for your informative website-- with mention of your devotion to the Sacred and Immaculate hearts-- for your perpetual adoration and more. Thank God SOMEONE is preserving Catholic architectural tradition, customs and devotions. May the grace of God be with you as you continue your mission. I look forward to visiting your parish in person one day. I will continue to pray that one day my own parish will be filled with such beautiful reminders of our rich Catholic heritage and traditions, these aides to prayer, these guides to holiness, these sacred and treasured reminders of the glorious mystery of the most Blessed Sacrament, these signposts to the presence of God! Thank you, God Bless

Just want to give you a special "thanks" for an absolutely awesome and inspiring website.

I found your website after using google to search for the Catholic Catechism. What a wonderful job you have done! Keep up the great work!

Just a note to thank you for your website. Our son had an assignment in the Catechism and needed to refer to an on-line version. Your site is amazing. I want to show it to all of my priest friends in Tampa. What an incredible resource. (By the way, I have worked in Catholic schools and parishes for 25 years; I have never seen anything like this.) Great work! Kudos to your webmaster and your entire staff.

[to let you know...] how much I've enjoyed browsing through your website. It is really beautifully presented. I've passed it on to others. God Bless all.

I enjoyed your site very much. You have a well organized graphic site index. I also enjoyed how you set up a calsnet.net calendar for bible study material. ( I used their service also for parish and school calendars.) Your Informational Text Content is outstanding! "To Tell You The Whole Truth About The Church And The Holy Bible" .... ROCKS. From what I had time to see, your parishioners are blessed. Keep up the great work. Yours in The Service of Jesus Christ.

First of all, my compliments on your website….it’s terrific! I came upon it by chance while on my lunch hour at work; Christus Rex’s search engine for the Catechism has been down for a while, so I did a search for another, and saw your site that gave the section on Baptism. My husband (who is a permanent deacon...) and I are working at a brand new parish in our diocese. Right now I’m the RCIA coordinator but am hoping to switch ministries next fall and get an adult education program going in the parish. I had been searching for a liturgically based program but hadn’t had any luck, until now. Once again, my compliments! 21 Jan 04

What a great website!!!!

Hello from Matthew Buttaro Great Neck Long Island, N.Y. I found your Parish Web Site very interesting and informative especiallly the Bible Study section. Of all the Sites on the internet yours is the Best I found so far. With the 9/11 situation so close to where I live and my participation in the revovery efforts ( I am a volunteer Firefighter-on Long Island), It is refreshing to go to your site and find so much information to get me and my familys life through these troubling times. God Bless and all the Best to you andyour Parish.

I just wanted to to express my gratitude to you for a great website. I live near Seattle Washington and am helping teach the teenage Confirmation class. This is our retreat weekend. One of the other assistants suddenly called in that she wouldn't be able to go. One of her sessions was to discuss the Profession of Faith. So at the last minute (4 hours actually) I needed to prepare my own curriculum. I couldn't condense Fr. Corapi's tape series into the 1.5 hours afforded the discussion so... 'with a quick Google search on the internet, I found your website and copied your file/catechesis on the Nicene/Apostle's Creed. Pray for us.

What a great website!! I appreciate your comprehensiveness and gentle format. I was looking for a bible study format to use with a group of mom's at our school. Besides a wonderful bible study, I also found a great resource of all that is good about being Catholic. I particularily liked your Saints section, the Prayers and the Words of Wisdom. Keep up the good work!! I have sent the link to many of my friends, thanks again!

Beautiful web page! God must be happy with such a devoted Parish. Let us pray for each other!

Dear Reader, I happened across your site and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. It was easy to navigate, -very well organized. Thank you. Much Appriciated!..... Remember: "What you permit ,you promote." I wish you peace.

Just wanted to let you know what a great work of art the website is. Very easy to navigate and filled with interesting and useful information. Really a joy to use. Thank you.

Fantastic website! Great design! Very easy to navigate! Thank you. PS: I actually am able to write complete sentences. "Vocatus atque non vocatus Deus aderit." Erasmus

I came across your web site yesterday as it was the feast day and I was quite happy to see so much wonderful information about your church. I attend a Catholic church in Hallandale, Florida, by the same name. Our church just underwent an extensive two year renovation during which time we could not use the building, I attend mass every day and know it will be a challenge and rewarding to build up our parish again... Many thanks and the parishioners of Picayune St. Charles will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Just wanted to thank you for a very WONDERFUL educational tool in your website! I'm a campus minister in Nebraska. I've added your site to our Catholic Links. Know that you will help college students KNOW LOTS. Peace and joy!

Some time ago I was researching Bible Study programs for use in our parish. I came across the program utilized by your parish. I found this program to be an excellent instructional tool because of the way it takes the Scripture readings and provides historical, cultural, and political commentaries to the readings. Thank you so much.

Thanks for creating one of the best websites in all of Christianity! You left NOTHING out. No button, no subject. The content is a "dream site" for parishes deveopling their websites. From this day forward, I will be recommending your site to every Director of Religious Ed, and to those heading up RCIA training as the ideal place to send ALL who are seeking the Catholic Faith. Merci, Merci, Merci. 1

I have recently accepted a position with a poor parish in San Diego. I've been laboring over the condition of their WEB page started some years ago and never since updated. This is a project for the our future. Searching the web today, for a very unrelated topic, I came across the site for St. Charles Boromeo. If you haven't been told recently, you did a wonderful job on it. It's user friendly, has many other important links and you've just all around done a wonderful job. I don't know that I will ever be able to compare to your, once I figure out what they've done, however, your is a wonderful site to strive for. God bless you for the stewardship of your talent.

Hi! I just found your site as I was doing a search on "Catechism of the Catholic Church". I haven't looked through the whole site yet but it seems very interesting. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Father [name removed], Canada. 1

I am a high school catechist in Cambridge, Maryland. The service your parish provides by having the catechism available through your website with the search capability has been a real blessing, and makes my lesson planning so much easier and educational for me! Wow! Now if only you could help me with my run-on sentences! I have told my fellow catechists about your site, and their response has been great excitment. Thank you thank you thank you!

Praised Be Jesus Christ, now and forever! I wanted to write and thank you for your parish website. It is awesome! I have used so much of it in my teaching apostolate and my working here in Hastings. I have been a priest for three years. I am the pariochal vicar and I teach 9th and 7th grade at our local catholic high school. Be assured of my prayers and please pray for me.

Hello, I would like to express my appreciation - your website is informational, GOD BLESS!!! Also we are trying to propagate our devotion to St. Nino (baby Jesus); I crossed your site and it was so done beautifully. God Bless and hope you can touch poeple by your website through the help of the internet...

I am very happy to know that you have such a good collection of very useful prayers hosted on your web site. A very good service indeed.

Thank you for your website. It is very informative in answering many questions I had.

I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I have to say it, anyway… Your site is AMAZING!

I thought the online book was excellent! It answers many questions about the Catholic religion and dispelled a few myths that I had been taught. Thank you very much for alleviating some of the concerns I had.

Greetings.... I love your website -- simply fantastic! Many thanks.

I just wanted to say how very valuable I find your website. As a pastor in Jersey (the old one, south of England), I learn so much from your Scripture notes and other rsources. Thank you for this!

I really enjoy your website. It's mutiple layers are very unusual and very thorough. Thank you.

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I am very impressed with your site! I'm a fifth grade PSR teacher in Wichita, Kansas, and am always looking for new sites to help me in my stewardship. Thanks so much!

Your site is just incredible! It is just amazing. Thank-you for the gift that you are share with so many people via the internet!

... And thank you for your excellent work! I'm on a yahoo group that is Catholic-bashing at the moment and many of your articles have been helpful.

Hi. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy and appreciate SO MUCH, your search engine on the Catechism!

Hello, while researching churches for my site, I came across you parish web site and I would like to compliment you on its content. I was searching for info and pictures of Robert Brown when I hit http://www.scborromeo.org/truth/c4.htm on your site... Any way, I plan on reading through your site as time permits and just wanted to give you a pat on the cyber-back.

Thank you for sharing your Catholic Calendar.

Dear all, I've really enjoyed reading your website, especially the section devoted to explanation of the Catholic faith. I found the site by accident and have added it to my favourites. It's a amazing that I, in Port Kembla, Australia, can learn so much from people on the other side of the world.

You have a very impressive site. As a web master for [a] Catholic Church, I enjoy seeing what other Catholic churchs are presenting.

Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for your website. Out here in the desert (Oregon) we don't easily find reliable Catholic teachers or churches for that matter. Being able to rely on your website for information has been helpful. Thank you for all you do.

I think this is just the most wonderful site.

I just want to say thank you for all that you have to offer on your beautiful website. I have saved it in my favorites, esp to prayer to Patron Saints, something my mother did, but I have not. I probably will start though, now that I know to whom to pray thanks to your website. Also, Padre Pio's prayer after communion is beautiful. I am just beginning to renew my catholic faith. God Bless you.

Ave Maria!! I just found your web site while going through the Vatican's! I'm in Scherbakty, Kazakhstan, near Pavlodar, just a few tens of miles from the Siberian border [Russia], and I'm here as a Catholic Marian Missionary with the Family of Mary Coredemptrix! St. Charles is also my patron saint in this community, and so I'm asking you all for your prayers in my mission here, that I and the other brothers and sisters here may always find the strength to carry on as God wills, doing His will! Thanks a lot, and may God bless you always!

Hai, One of the best sites I ever visited in last 5 years. It is great pleasure for me to increase the faith and casting all the doubts bound me by evil tricks which kept (others) away from the "Truth"... Thank You. God Bless You.

Hello, Really enjoy your web site! Especially the bible study section for the liturgical year and the various cycles.

I can't think of enough words to express my delight in your web site. It is positively fantastic! I have been sitting here for almost 2 hours clicking from one link to another and still haven't seen all of them. I have used your CCC quite a number of times in the past but have never really investigated the rest of your site before. I am totally impressed!

Very good books! Fantastic! Keep up the good work!!

What a terrific website. To those of you who spent hours creating and maintaining this site, congratulations. What a terrific resourse (and blessing) for all of us - Catholics and non-Catholics alike. I'm proud and blessed to say that I received my Catholic instruction at St. Charles.

I know one of my staff has been inquiring about using the Stations of the Cross images on the site. I would like to add my own appreciation of your beautiful website. I just took a peek and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is. Great job and look forward to visiting the page and links.

This is just a note to congratulate you on the excellent web site you have put together!

Hi. Each week before Sunday Mass I go over the readings and try to make them easier for my 14 year old to understand. I search and search. There are plenty of Protestant information and much anti-catholic ;(. I want[ed] to find a web page that I can trust... when I do other biblical searches I cannot tell you how many times your web page comes up.

like your news site --keep us informed, we need this --can't rely on any secular agency to give us the right stuff!!

I have just gone over your site briefly and it is wonderful! I appreciate the good orthodox Catholic apologetics resources. I will definitely come back for more.

appreciate all the info... have told others about your site... thanks much

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the posting of the many beautiful prayers offered to the Lord that we may use on a daily basis. I hope that everyone that finds your site will use the prayers for the benefit of souls. THANK YOU

God bless you for your work. I've used your Bible Study commentary in the past and today I am using some of the litanies and devotions as part of a a prayer booklet created at the request of our deacon. Thank you for your efforts to share the Good News.

Thank you for your online bible study. I like the way you have it on calander, too.

You have an excellent web site. I especially like the handling of the Catechism.

I am not a formal member of any church, but I have been reading through the Catechism which I have found online. I must say it puts into words thoughts and feelings familiar to me. As a person who is a little old fashioned about some things, I am curious where I might find a copy of the Catechism printed on paper. Thank You for your time... I'm sure I may have other questions in the future.

Thank u 4 this wonderful, uplifting site.

I was lead to your wonderful web site from Mr. Hahn's link... Just wanted to let you know how blessed we all are to have such a WONDERFUL site like yours, it is one of the most informative sites I have visited, you have been truly blessed. May the Peace of Christ be with you.


J.M.J. - Thank you for your website. Will visit often.

Great site for info and prayerful assistance. Keep up the good work.

I just wanted to thank you for your web page. I spent hours today looking for a good web site of saints for children and found yours.

I live in Massachusetts. I recently started a bible study and I wanted to thank you for putting your bible study comments online. I find them very helpful. : ) Please continue in this endeavor.

Thanks for a job well done on your wonderful website. I found so many helpful things even though I came searching for but one thing (the prayer to my Guardian Angel!) I thoroughly enjoyed "visiting" your parish and wish God's blessing on all of you.

Your parishioners are so lucky! What a wonderful website that you are sharing with all of us! I do have one question: what is the source for your Bible study? I think it is a wonderful approach, using the Liturgical calendar. I know of a website that does that for teaching young children, but is is great to have one for adults as well. Once again, thank you for all your time, efforts, etc. May God bless you all.

I have stumbled onto your web site by accident while looking up unrelated material on the Vatican's web site. I read with great interest your web page titled "Glad You Asked". My family is transplanted from the North to the Raleigh NC area... I was impressed by the common sense answers to many of the questions posed and believe that this would be good not only for my wife's information but also for the many questions I get while working with others in my line of work. I am amazed by the number of people I meet who not only don't understand Catholicism but have never met a Catholic before.

Dear Webmaster, I can't resist writing this to congratulate you on the excellence of your website. I found it simply by doing a "Google-search" for the "Catechism of the Catholic Church". I thought that I would probably be directed to the EWTN website, or something similar. When I saw the URL, I assumed that it was the website of another "St. Charles Borromeo", the major seminary of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. (I happen to know that because I live in Reading, PA, in the adjoining Diocese of Allentown). So I was especially surprised when it turned out to be the website of a parish. All the more so since it was a parish in Mississippi! That's not a "put-down", by the way. I only say that because I lived in Athens, Georgia, for many years, and so I know that there are relatively few Catholics in the South, compared with, for example, the numbers here in the Northeast. I see that you have also had the benefit of the services of a number of Irish priests as your pastors over the years (although I am also glad to see that your current pastor is a "native" of MS). When I lived in Athens, the successive pastors of our local parish (St. Joseph's) were also from Ireland. The one who was serving there when I left Georgia, in 1977, was Fr. Michael Woods. He was one of the most inspiring and eloquent preachers I have ever heard in a Catholic church. Perhaps your Fr. Noone has heard of him? Unfortunately, he had some personal problems a few years after I left, but I hope that they did not result in his leaving the ministry. That's all I wanted to say. Keep up the good work, and "Keep the faith!".

Your website is the BEST Catholic site on the internet and may be best single source anywhere to learn about our faith. It is a wealth of solid, orthodox Catholic wisdom, much needed in today's lost society. Thank you so much and continued blessings.

My wife told me about your web site and said I needed to check it out. Wow! It is really impressive. I belong to St. Jude Catholic Church in Pearl, just outside of Jackson. You (all?) have done an outstanding job with the site. I will be sure to spend a lot of time here. I again commend the excellent site you have created and will have other parishoners take a look at it.

This site is awesome, inspirational, uplifting. If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.

Dear All, I have just been on the website tour of your beautiful church. I am coming to you from Cheshire in England. My own parish is the parish of St Margaret Ward, a 16th century martyr who lived in Congleton in Cheshire. You have a beautiful location and it is good to see the church universal at work. I am a member of the SVP and I was looking for a spiritual reading, to read this evening, at my conference meeting. I stumbled onto your website looking for Prayers. God works in mysterious ways - God Bless you all.

I'm impressed with your web site and am grateful for the information I was able to find there. I'm employed by the Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs (Colorado) and am working with a national Evangelical Christian organization from Montana to "translate" one of their extremely fine scripture-based conciliation programs for Catholic use. I just thought I'd let you know how impressed I was with your web site. Keep up the good work for the Lord!

We at Prison/Jail Ministry in the Diocese of Grand Rapids Michigan REALLY appreciate your bible studies. They are used every week at 24 correctional facilities throughout the diocese. We have 274 volunteers going into 24 facilities! Everyone of the volunteers with a computer uses your bible study! Thanks...

I just wanted to thank the Pastor and Parishioners of St. Charles Borremeo for an incredible website. I maintain a parish website in Longmont, CO, and have LINKS to many other websites, but you have actually built this incredible treasure of Catholic apologetics yourselves. That is remarkable! You have some industrious parishioners there! We intend to link to your CCC and to your apologetic materials. Thank you.

I earlier navigated to the bible study for the lections easily using your hierarchical browser in the left frame. You have the best website of any parish church I have seen, Catholic or otherwise. As a programmer, I think I have a fairly critical eye, and your site tops the fundamentalist megachurches hands down for appearance and ease-of-use (and thankfully, material that is much more conducive to the salvation of souls -- the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth). Magisterial. Amazing. OK, today's Gospel is also about humility. Wouldn't want you to stumble :-) You are a blessing to the WWW. May God continue to empower your ministry to the world redeemed by His Son.

Hello, I just wanted to say thank-you for having all the wonderful prayers on your site! I dont know how I found this site but somehow I did. Your church is in my prayers. Thank you.

Congratulations to you and the Parish. What a wonderful website. One hopes all our parishes would do something similar. Your parish seems to vibrant and Spirit filled. May God richly bless you. Thank you for the inspiration.

Just a note of thanks and praise. I was surfing the web for a few good quotes to round out a small speech for my mother's retirement luncheon (22 years of teaching 4th grade) and your site came up on the search engine. It was wonderfully easy to navigate, professionally done and so welcoming! And, your "words of wisdom" section provided some needed direction. Thank you!

Thank you very much for allowing me access to your fantastic web site. I am doing a prison ministry at a Women's Federal Prison Camp and your Bible Study has been a Godsend to me, a novice, who had never done a Bible study.

Dear Loving God's Ministers, It is indeed a great privilege for me to find such a website. It is the work of the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Church. Such website is indeed much required for us. I was given the information about your website by my son in Dallas who is growing in the Lord in the Catholic Faith. I inturn have handed over the site info to a very well known Catholic lay preacher who has welcomed it. Praise the Lord and thanks for the same. May God prosper your e-mail ministry. Keep me in your prayers.

Great site! It sounds like you have a wonderful church there. It's much like my own (St. Martin of Tours), except that you don't have the Latin Mass, too bad. Your site is great, it has a lot of very helpful information and I know some hard work went into it. Perpletual adoration makes all the difference. Thanks.

Thank you so much for having this available on line. I had received a question from a very Fundamentalist cousin who was trying to understand why another (Catholic) relative was praying "to" St. Jude for the healing of the cousin's son. By using some excepts from the Catechism I was better explain the Communion of Saints through the formal teaching of the Church. Thank you, Bless you.

Thank you for publishing a phenomenal website. I would expect such quality from a diocesan-level project!

Thank you for the Examination of Conscience you have on your website. When I prepare for confession I like to read through a document like you have here to help me remember sins that I have forgotten or ignored. I like to look at different examination aids because each looks at things a little differently and each exposes the truth of sin in a different way. Yours is a very rewarding and helpful example.

What a beautiful, spirit filled site and church, I loved your tour and plan to visit your site often, I am catholic and a Eucharistic minister and found your site so moving. Thank you for putting so much beauty on the Internet.

We loved your web site of Saint Charles Borommeo. We are Catholics ourselves. Your parish and yourself have quite a ministry in reaching out to everyone. The Sacred Scriptures speak of Jesus telling the early Apostles and us-to "go into all nations..." and you are surely doing that in a way that others can learn about your parish and the Catholic Church. Your web site and its focus on Christ has helped us to strengthen our faith in Him. Thanks and God Bless!

This is a very beautiful site. I found it while looking for Bible study materials for my ``small faith community'' and I found what I was looking for here! Thank you.

Dear Sirs and Madams, I find your website a striking good example of the possibility to combine content, design and usability in a magnificent way. The navigational links and design is extraordinary, the content is well positioned and easy to find and read, and the content is beyond words. Your illustrations combined with text makes it a wonderful tool for any religious, biblical and historical studies...

I did a search for a Catholic Bible Study, and am delighted to have found your site. There are a great many helpful things on your site that I will come back to time and again. Thank you again for your site.

I've just been touring your site, and it's incredibly robust. You've done so much! How long did it take you to do this? At any rate, well done!

Just found your website. Very Cool! What a great bible study section! Keep up the good work and thank you for this ministry!

I would like to commend you on this wonderful website. I am in an ongoing "bible study" with my bible christian sister and brother - in law (although our "bible study" is more me defending my faith). In any event, I found a lot of useful and informative information on your website. This site took quite a bit of effort and it shows. Thank you and May God Continue to Bless You.

A thousand thank you's for all that you do to keep this site current. It is an invaluable reserach for my RCIA involvement in a small south Georgia town. God's blessings on you and your work.

I just wanted to tell you that this is an absolutely great website! I am new to Catholic faith and am so thrilled to have found your site. It is so informative and easy to navigate. I have helped design a couple so sites so I know the work involved and wanted to say you did a terrific job. And to let you know that this site is helping me find tons of answers and inspiration! God Bless You.

Just a note to acknowledge the great value that I have found in your "Bible page" for the Mass readings. I am a Catholic priest in the archdiocese of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. The name of our parish is Holy Family in the suburb of Indooroopilly, which is an inner Brisbane suburb, about 5 miles from the centre of the city. I have travelled extensively throughout USA on a number of occasions, - I spent 6 weeks travelling back and forth across USA only in January & February this year as part of 3 month's Long Service leave. Anyway thank you for the wonderful service thus provided. We will be making good use of it here in our parish.

I felt blessed visiting your website, and I thank God for allowing me the opportunity of this experience!

I used a search engine and entered "1 Timothy 2:5 Catholic" to find an explanation as I was having a real problem with this verse and my understanding of Christ as THE mediator between God and man. You see, I was raised Lutheran and am now in RCIA class. Its really hard to grasp some of the ideas, and we have such a large group, not much time for questions. The concept of subordinate mediator never came up and this verse was gnawing at me. Thanks so much for your concise explaination!

I stumbled upon your website in searching for a copy of the thanksgiving prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas. You have a very impressive site! Thanks for all the work you put into it!

Dear Friends in Christ; Thank you for your wonderful website. Being a patient of Chronic and Major Depression for 18 years I found the prayers to St. Dymphna comforting and strengthening. I had never heard of her. I spent 20 years in the Assemblies of God and it only caused further distress of mind and emotions for me until I had a complete mental collapse. I have attempted going back to protestant churches, but become very confused. I especialy cannot tolerate preaching on Hell and Sin; it is too hard on a depressive person like myself. I have been interested in becoming a Catholic since my husband and I visited Italy 2 years ago. We both came to understand why so much of the religion is ceremonial; it is Holy and seeks to keep the things of God Holy.... Thank you for your time. Yours Truly,...

Dear Web Master, Your site is excellent. A medical doctor from my parish just e-mailed with a question regarding the canon of Scripture. I remembered that I had visited your site once before and found some solid information on this matter, so I directed her to several pages which she will find helpful.

Wonderful site. My Mother and I are doing research on the saints and found your site through google.com. I am currently studying for my second career as webmaster. I will approach my Priest to see if our small parish might consider a web site with your site as an example. Thank you. I look forward to spending more time at your site. God Bless!

I found your website quite by accident...and I'm so happy I did! It's beautiful, well-done, informative, inspirational...what a wonderful gift! Thank you, God bless you and please, keep up the good work!

Hello. I wanted to say thank you for putting the entire Catechism online in such a well-organized way. I am in a "Familia" program this year and our readings correlate from a Familia study book and the Catechism. While we have yet to receive our materials for study, it is up to us individually to purchase a Catechism. I plan to purchase one for myself with "birthday money", but my birthday is a month away. I will use your site until then (and even beyond my purchase). Thank you again and God Bless.

Just have to tell you how much I love scborromeo.org - it's just about my favourite site (along with catholic.org). I was received into the Catholic Church last Easter. My sponsor is a wonderful, funloving little nun from O.L.S.H. order (she came around today with some swiss chard and parsley because I am anaemic - if you want some practical help, just ask an OLSH nun!!) As soon as I'm a bit better, we are going to concentrate on me teaching her some computer and internet skills. She teaches in schools and I know she would just love to introduce students to the idea of a senior nun with internet savvy. I must say I find the idea irresistible (you have to picture a tiny little lady, say 4' 9", with an unruly mop of silver curls and an irrepressable sense of humour!) So - when we get going, our first port of call is going to be scborromeo.org. I know she will love it as much as I do. May God bless you for providing this wonderful resource.

This is a fantastic web site. I love that it's so informative and gives me a chance to learn more about my Catholic faith. :o) Thank you.

I want to thank you for offering your wonderful Bible Study on your website. I lead a group that was doing the Renew sharing and after the lessons ran out we decided to relect on the next Sunday's Mass readings. I recently discovered your Bible Study and it has been a wonderful resource for our reflections. Thank you for making this available. God bless.

To whom it may concern, I was looking for the Catechism on-line and fell onto your web-site. Congratulations on a most extraordinary site! Your parish is truly blessed. I especially enjoyed the apologetics included on the site. Refreshing, to say the least!

Wanted to say thank you! I am doing my first retreat for our women's group here in Las Vegas at St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Catholic Church. With the shortage of priest I was only blessed with having Father Michael from Cedar City Utah for 24 hours, so I had to put so literature together for Saturday evening. Thank you again for your web-site. I was able to find out about several Saints and use that information for my Saturday evening prayer time. Again I can't thank you enough I was a very lucky girl, your site is AWESOME!!!!!

Thank you so much for your inspiring web site. I'm making my way back to the Church and you've helped me greatly. "Nunquam Obliviscar" I Will Never Forget

I have suffered from depression since 1971. It has affected me in many ways but always in the negative. I have been under a doctor's care for decades and the medications and analysis have helped to some degree but pain, dispair, and lack of joy have defined my life for 30 years. Twice I have tried to take my own life and the last time (3 years ago) I spent over a week in ICU and more time in a secure facility. I have had to be secret and deceptive about this condition with my coworkers and even my friends because there are so many people who do not recognize depression as an illness and there is so much prejudice against we who have to live with this disease. Lately I have been asking St. Dymphna to pray for me and to intercede on behalf of me and those who share this nightmare. I have not experienced any great change, because my faith is not yet strong enough, but when I pray I do feel more at peace. It is fleeting and it never lasts long but I know that something good happens to me if just for a brief time. I have spoken the prayers to St. Dymphna that I found on your website and I wanted you to know that they have helped. For that I thank you and I thank God that people like you care enough to put so much love and labor into helping others. God Bless you and your congregation.

I have just taken the virtual tour of your church. I enjoyed it very much. You truly have a beautiful "Catholic" church. I find it both, contemporary and yet, traditional. I am from Miami, Florida and wish that my own parish was as beautiful and traditional as yours is. If I am ever in your city, I will try my very best to attend Mass at your parish. God bless.

I just want to thank you for a most wonderful website! I use the online Catechism often and share it with many to enlighten them about my Catholic faith. May God always bless you in this ministry.

I picked up your website from Envoy Magazine's review of the website by David Palm. David always struck me as an erstwhile and straight forward chap, so I tapped on and found all this rich, golden load of fabulous ideas. If another parish looked at what you have done, they might even start talking and getting the young parents and teens into it as well. May the Holy Spirit guide all to greater evangelization, inspired catechetical discoveries in the Bible, the Magisterial and the CCC, and a deeper, richer faith in Jesus Christ. May God bless you for all you have done and for what, I'm sure, you'll continue into the future.

Hello, I am very impressed with your website. I hope that the lord will continue to bless all your efforts. Thanks for the search capabilities on the Catholic Catechism.

WOW what a beautiful website! Very well done! BRAVO! -San Francisco, CA

My attention was called to your website by a posting on one of the Catholicity newsgroups. It is a well done and worthwhile site. Your apologetics pages and the history of the church were quite interesting and I have them bookmarked for later study. Thanks. Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20). The opinions expressed herein are mine alone and do not reflect those of my employer, my wife, my kids, or our cats who really don't seem to care.

Dear webmaster, I accidently came accross your website, WOW it's full of wonderful things to learn about our Catholic Faith, thanks for all your hardwork!! I am 37 and was just comfirmed in May, so I am wanting to learn more about the faith and your site is organized well and has a lot of helpful information.

Thank you so much ... I cannot begin to thank you for all the information I have received from your website. I belong to a "Christian" board and we discuss the Bible and interpretations. There are all sorts of denominations and people of differing beliefs that come to discuss on this board. Unfortunately, I have seemed to become the target of lots of false information and need to be able to explain my beliefs and why. I hope you don't mind, but I have been putting the information from your board, not verbatim, as my replies. I have in turn, learned so much about my own faith and have you all to thank for this. I do give the website full credit on my posts, just so you know. I feel it is so important. I have been telling everyone in my parish about your site and hope this helps. We as Catholics need to not only be able to defend our beliefs as Christians, but as Catholics. The information provided on your website is priceless, as is the quotes from Scripture which is so often "demanded" from those of differing Christian beliefs. Thank you again for all of your help.

I wanted to first say thank you for this web-site! I am here in Florida and belong to a Christian debate board. I am just now truly learning about my faith as a Catholic. I went to Catholic school and all, but until now, never truly had the answers I needed. Thanks to your website, I am not only growing so much stronger in my faith, but am also armed to defend it. Thank you so much. I have passed this on to others as well and they love it too! [...] Thank you again for this wonderful website....it was truly a Godsend for me and I couldn't have found it at a better time. I only wish there were a way to thank you. If there is anything I can do, let me know.

Just wanted to drop you a note that I did a "Goggle Search" today using "Examination of Conscience" and your page was about the fifth one listed. Today was First Friday and I wanted to go to confession during a holy hour service that we have in our parish. I found a great "Exmaination of conscience" summary on your site. I decided to look at your home page. Your home page is the best I've every seen! The listing down the side made it very easy for me to find what I was looking for. If we ever get a Website at our Church, we'll be looking you up! May God continue to bless your parish!

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your excellent Bible Study online. It provides great explanations of the scriptures and commentaries that help with the understanding of the passages. We will keep you in our prayers for the continued success of your ministry. I found your website just the other day and it has been bookmarked. I think your online booklets are wonderful. We will be spending a lot of time reading them. Peace in Christ [from] Lenexa, Kansas (Kansas City).

We loved your site, viewed it with the grandkids and they really liked it and loved the pictures. ... Thanks for all you do for our great Catholic faith. We found and article on your site in the Envoy magazine also a great publication. Thanks again.

This web site has so much information. It has a lot of answers for me. It's my first time on this site and just wanted to let you know that I have sent it to a lot of my friends. God Bless. Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I wanted to let you know that I find your site impressive. So much information provided through a parish website. I stumbled on it searching for some information on St Charles. As a result I now know more about St Charles than I have ever known and I'm 58. The name Charles goes back seven generations as a first or middle name in my father's family and is also my son's (III) and grandson's name (IV). By happenstance it is also my mother's father's name. Thank you for your commitment to getting the word out about our faith.

Thank you for your beautiful and informative web site. What a beautiful church you have, in the physical as well as the spiritual sense. I was particularly transfixed by the text explaining the Tabernacle where the Lord Jesus, the Lamb of God, dwells, its fashioning after the Ark of the Covenant, and the fact that Our Blessed Mother, Mary is the Ark of the New Covenant. If we are ever in Mississippi we will surely visit St. Charles Borromeo! May God bless your church and your outreach.

Thank you for providing such a beautiful web site filled with such an excellent repository of Catholic information. Your web site was one of the first that I linked to my own and I've been referring to it for a number of years now.Thank you for your service to the Church!

You are truly a blessing, I am a Catholic and have been for years but, not always a good one, I wish to reunite my faith in Jesus Christ and come home to my church. I searched and searched for an online service to find a learning center for us old folk, it was impossible until I found you. I shall be a regular visitor if you do not mind. God Bless you for this work.

Blessings, I was delighted to find your page through your site being named on Petersnet. I am a convert of just over 6 years now and love "discovering" my "Family" all over the world :). St. John ch 6 was a "major key" for me, a former fundamentalist who was anti-catholic for over 30 years. May God bless your ministry both here on your web page and in your priestly ministry.

I am working on a project to make a listing of Catholic Websites for a retreat I am working on. As I was surfing the internet today, I came across your site. It is exceptional. I will be recommending it to all my friends in Wisconsin. I loved the devotional section and the search engine of the Catechism. Best wishes to all of you at St. Charles Borromeo, thank you for a great website !!

On behalf of our Bible Study Group I am writing to you from a small city situated near the southern coast of South Africa named George. The parish to which we belong is that of St. Peter & St. Paul and the church itself is the oldest standing Catholic Church -original building - in the country, the building having been consecrated by a Fr. A. Devereaux in 1842. We consist of approximately of 300 families and the church itself is situated in the grounds of what once was the Holy Cross Convent primary school. Regettably the nuns have been gone these few years now but the school is now operated on a secular basis, though the overtone is still strongly Catholic. So much for our background. The real purpose of this note is to thank you most sincerely on behalf of our group for making available your commentaries on the Sunday readings via the internet. ... May the peace of God be with you all.

Thank you for the Catechism. I have the paper copy, but the online version offers invaluable search capability. Thanks again. May God bless you and your parish always.

Wow! What a great site. I have never seen anything so complete on The Church. It is overwhelming. So much here. Love your Prayers page, your Point Papers, the Catechism search. Heck, the whole site.

Greetings again from England. Keep coming back to your site, its really great, keep the flame burning.

I found your website listed under catholic resources in the library (online) at Franciscan University at Stueubenville. Through a series of events I have found myself in the position of meeting each week with two very wonderful and smart fundamentalist women, to discuss Catholic teachings. I need all the help I can get. We do not argue, our conversations are informative for all of us. I know they do not intend to convert, and that is alright with me. I feel a burden to defend Catholic truths. Thank you for one more resource to help in this endeavor.

Thank you for such BEAUTIFUL pictures. Never have I seen so many to look at at one time.

Not having had much to do at work the last few days, I have been spending some wonderful time browsing your website. I have to say, WOW!! Your web designer(s) and administrator(s) deserve the highest acclamations. Your website is in my opinion, the best website that I have seen. There is so much information about the catholic faith and your parish that I am hooked.

Dear friends, thank you for your very interesting www page. My name is Maria, I am from Slovakia and I try to find prayers in English and order of mass in English on Internet. Your www page is very useful and nice for me, because the English language and God are my loves. Let God bless you all.

I just wanted to thank you for hosting such a fantastic site. I was received into the Catholic Church just last Easter. Living here in Atlanta, we are blessed to have a booming Catholic population, but I have also been faced with a LOT of anti-Catholic sentiment, and always need to be on my toes and able to defend my faith. Your question and answer section, online guides, and prayers and devotionals have really been helpful for me. I also just found out that the online Catholic MOMS group on AOL (to whom I posted a link to your site) has found your material to be very helpful. So please, keep up the wonderful work! You are truly a blessing for us!

Just wanted to say I am most impressed that even the Vatican acknowledges you guys' contributions to the CCC on the net!! Congratulations!! God bless, Father Dominick.

Stumbled onto your site ... it is by far the best "parish" site I''ve ever witnessed -- and ahead of most commercial sites. I've bookmarked it and will return --- and witness -- with your materials.

I can't begin to tell you what a blessing your site has been to me! I found it looking for the Catholic Catechism and have been using it for a study group at our church in NY. I am going to pass it along to our membership. Thank you and God bless all of you who make it possible. :-)

Periodically I like to thank you for your bible studies. I have enjoyed reading, studying and using them in my church's weekly bible study class. Thank you again. I look forward to another year of spiritual awakening.

In my constant search for inspiration for both the Small Faith Group that I shepherd here in Houston, Texas, and for the Order of the Daughters of King of which I belong - I came across your website. What a wonderful time I have had. You have done a beautiful job and the Wisdom pages were a delightful treat. The "virtual tour" of St. Charles Borromeo made me feel I had been walking upon the grounds.... As a fellow Catholic I felt connected to your community and marveled at the beauty of your sanctuary.

I learned of your site in Envoy Magazine. I am glad I stopped in to visit. I set your site as a favorite and I'll be back to visit. I will pray for you and ask that you pray for me and for my family. Pax et bonum! Peace and good.

Congratulations on your Church! It is so beautiful, reverant...so very Catholic. The statues, especially the tabernacle are works of art. I found your web site on the Franciscan University library site and I'm so impressed.

One of our candidates interested in the Church found your site and ask that we check it out. Thrilled to know that there are Churches working hard to present an easy to use, lovely site. Thank you.

Hi there, I was a parishoner there long ago from 1966-1969. I just happened upon this website and want to commend you on the wonderful job you have done. Also the new church looks as lovely as it can be. My family and I moved to Kansas after I graduated from high school in Picayune. I only wish that the parish in which I now live had such a lovely building in which to worship. God bless you and keep up the good work!

Please accept my best wishes on the 3rd anniversary of your web-site and my thankfulness for making available the CCC! My friend sent me the link to you and you cannot imagine how happy I am that I have found the Catechism at last. With prayerful regards... signed by a chaplain to English speaking people at St. Alexander church, Kiev, Ukraine.

I thank you for having this wonderful Web site and steering me to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I am 61 years of age and I am helping prepare my young son, age 14, for his Confirmation. Your site has renewed my knowledge and is very helpful explaining my belief to my son.

Hello, I am on the web site committee of [an] Episcopal church in CT and one of our parishioners mentioned at coffee hour last Sunday that you had a good web site. It is very well done and perhaps we can get some ideas from it. We are an Anglo-Catholic congregation and I just pulled up the Gospel from last Sunday and apparently the Episcopal Eucharist Readings are the same as yours! You have also done a wonderful job in increasing the size of your parish; keep up the good work.

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we appreciate your commentary on the weekly readings. Each week we do a "Bible study" with the teens at our church, where we go over the readings. Your commentary helps set the background and lead where the discussion will go. There are lots of sites out there, but yours is the most concise and consistently thought provoking. Thank you for this service.

Just a note of thanks for the Bible Studies you provide. They have transformed my Wednesday study group! The most reluctant member has turned into the most enthusiatic member and has a very tactful way of keeping things on track! Thank you so much! I can't begin to tell you have much we all have learned and what a difference it has made in the way we respond to the readings and sermon insights at the mass! God bless you for the way you all have made scripture come alive for so many people.

Yours is an excellently organized and well laid-out site! I am amazed at how much work has been put into it. Thank you!

I would like to congratulate and thank you for the beautiful website. Keep it up! God Bless.

I found this site on the web thru egroup http://church-renovations@egroups.com. It is really a fine web site. I took the tour. A really beautiful church. It certainly gives me hope for the future of The Catholic Church in America.

What a wonderful web site - beautiful and full of important information - especially the apologetics. Your parish is truly blessed - thank you.

Father Noone, I suppose you are responsible for the bible studies for this site. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME (that's 3). I love studying Jewish/ Catholic links. This is my first day to this web site, and I was led to the Sunday Bible studies. Our Jewish heritage is not talked about as much as it should be, in my opinion. I was thrilled to see that you explain every detail of the Old Testament. I still don't know a lot, but I am learning. I will be visiting this web site frequently.

I have visited your site and found it a marvelous place to stop by and peruse. The site is put together very nicely and contents lots of information. Congratulations on a job well done.

I love your comments about the Sunday readings and gospel. Your help brings so much clarity and modern-day understanding to what was written so very long ago. Thank you.

I don't know who your priest or bishop is over there -- but MORE POWER TO THEM !!!! You guys really have your act together!

Thank you for the excellent work of making the Catechism of the Catholic Church available on-line.

Hi, May I thank you for a wonderful site? It is certainly one of the better catholic sites I have found while browsing.

I just wanted to thank you for the invitation to take a tour of your new Church! I thought it was simple but so beautiful, particularly the Sanctuary. The Tabernacle and all of the Angels are just as I picture them when reading the Bible. The Garden looks so peaceful! I visit your site frequently.

Thank you so much for keeping us informed of your New Church. Please convey my heartiest congratulations to your parish priest, your parishioners and your co-workers for the Kingdom of God for this wonderful fruition of your zeal and love for our Lord, in cooperation with the wishes of our Blessed Mother. I am impressed and I am amazed. Thanks for bringing me on the virtual tour. I feel like I have been there, I wish I could be there... The effort and love that your parish priests and his band of merry men (people like yourself) are obvious in the care and attention to detail taken, in the design of your web-site and your church. Of course, there is no limit to improvements and you can always strive to make it better. The Lord will certainly inspire you and teach you more and more things, so long as you continue to desire and work towards making Him known to all and sundry, harnessing the power of mass media in every way possible. Once again, please accept my utmost congratulations for your new church and ardent prayers for the continued growth of your church (as in the people who form the church). May the Lord be praised and blessed for this wonderful gift of faith and worship!! May our Blessed Mother continue to guide you and May the Holy Spirit continue to inspire you in all your endeavours to further the Kingdom of God, for His greater glory.

I have been visiting your site for over a year now and I am taking this opportunity to thank you for an excellent and informative resource. In particular, I make use of the Bible Study section and this gives me a better appreciation of the readings and gospel each week. The Point Papers and FAQ's are very useful too. I live in Grimsby, which is a fishing port on the east coast of England... Despite spending many hours attempting to find a website equivalent to yours here in England, I have not been able to find any that are anywhere near as comprehensive as yours... Before I sign off, I saw in your recent bulletin that you are about to celebrate your new church building; I hope all goes well and I'm sure it will be a blessing for you all. Thanks once again for a superb Catholic resource on the 'net and God Bless you all.

Hello. Greetings from a Roman Catholic in Ohio. I just had to thank you for your wonderful site. I use it several times a week for the online Douay Bible... Just today I clicked in on an apologist paper "Call no man Father". I just had to tell you how much I appreciate it. I have matured in my faith though utilizing it. ThankYOU!!!

I stumbled across your website and found it fantastic. I am mailing it to all my friends - your booklet I'm glad you asked is sensational! Thank you for this labor of love. Keep up the good work!!!

Your website is first rate!

I was on your website today, and I found it most impressive! I thoroughly enjoyed browsing on the different areas and categories. Please keep up the good work!

I am a campus minister in Buffalo, NY, who has been using your bible study section as a resource all semester. It really has improved my sessions by giving me more background... God bless your ministry :)

Just wanted to say that you have a fantastic web-site, there is so much in there to check out, and it surely is a place I am going to come back to visit, and am spreading the good news to my computer friends and am sure they will enjoy it as I have. God love and bless your wonderful aposolate.

I thank you for your wonderful and inspiring site. It is such a pleasure to be able to use the many prayers that are before me so early in the morning. I am certain that this site will be helpful in bringing souls back to the Church.

Just wanted to thank you for the Catechism online. Wonderfully presented.

Your web site is really one of the most wonderful out there!! Congratulations. I will link to it (I don't understand why I never did that before). Pax Domini Vobiscum! - CATHOLIC INSIGHT

Just a note to thank you for your Bible Study section. I am an RCIA Leader in Miami, Florida. This section is extremely helpful in preparing the weekly RCIA Sessions. Your website is excellent. Please keep up the good work, it is truly heaven sent! God Bless You!

What an excellent web site! So much good material! We are a RC snowbird couple from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, spending the winter in Panama City Beach, FL. I was looking for a Catechism on line and yours is excellent. May the Lord give his blessing to you and yours.

Just wanted to say thanks for your entire website and for the information regarding St. Francis prayer. I am not Catholic and was not definite as to whether the St. Francis prayer was from Francis of Assisi or perhaps Francis De Sales, your website cleared up my confusion.

Your on-line information is most welcome and helpful. I passed on the web site to our church and school. I've been a Catholic Christian since birth but recently have come closer to our Lord, through Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. I just wanted to thank you and your Church parisioners for this most wonderful Catholic web site. 21 Oct 99

Thank you for refreshing my heart with the truth about Jesus' teachings in the Catholic church! Praise his name! I was raised a Catholic and truly believe the teachings. For a while I was astray ( 8 years ) but now I am back on track. My wife follows the teachings of the old testament like the Jews did and she tried to convert me. My heart was so confused!!!! ( Water and Oil don't mix !!!! ) For a while I started to believe that if I didn't follow the law death would be in my future instead of life. I finally told my wife that I don't believe this which was very hard but with prayer she understands.Because I have been out of the church for a while this page has refreshed my mind and heart. I just want to say thank you and God bless!!!

I live in Raleigh, NC and ever since I first stumbled upon your website I have returned several times a week. I am particularly fond of the Devotional section and Patron saints. I have also enriched myself int he catechism section. Thank you for your wonderful ministry and the service you have given me. May God Bless you abundantly.

This is a fantastic site! The search functions are very useful. I'm already sending associates excerpts from the Catechism. Great Job!

I'm from Gulfport, MS. The first thing we were given as we were about to start our RCIA sessions was a copy of your book. It meant a great to me and still does. I guess the part that meant the most to me was the "once saved, always saved." I agree with you that it could be very tragic doctrine...it was for me for many years. I love the RCIA and am most especially looking forward to Easter of 2000.

Just when I thought I had found so many ultimate Catholic/Christian sites, I came across your Homilies! The explanations of the bible verses were quite possibly the most plausible and lucid translations I have ever heard. Most surprising was the fact that I never had been able to understand the parables as I would and should have understood them until reading your most helpful interpretations. Thanks very much and please, please continue this most remarkable web site!

Hi, I live in north Texas in a little town called Lindsay. I just happened to kind of stumble upon your site and I really enjoyed it, especially the Words of Wisdom and the Prayers. Keep up the good work!

Dear Father Noone, You have a great website! Yours is the best parish website I've ever seen. Congratulations!

What a GREAT site. It makes me even more proud to be a Catholic to see such work in such a clear and concise order with sooooo many questions addressed!!! Thank you and know that I will tell others about it! God Bless all of you.

I was converted to Catholic in 1968, I had simple instructions from [my] parish for six weekends. Maybe RCIA wasn't around then. After that I had no one to guide or monitor me, as I struggled on, looking for Jesus and to follow Him. I was totally lost. It did not take long, I drifted to the opposite direction, away from God. Until, after I had a dream of Mother Mary in 1994. She brought me came back to the church. I found your web site thru: http://www.archway.org.my. After having gone thru a few pages, I feel like crying. (I am 56 year old.) You have revealed to me more than my eyes can see for it also touched my heart. I praise and thank God for people like you and your whole parish. Keep up the fantastic work. May God bless you all forever.

Thank you for your wonderful webpage and all the interesting history and theology, you are to be commended. We need to have more knowledge of the Church taught to our catholic people in order for them to understand and defend their faith against the well meaning evangelists of other Christian churches who seem so ready.

I 'stumbled' onto your site looking for information on a particular saint. Wow! Working with adults seeking to learn more about this glorious Catholic faith (RCIA) and also the de facto leader for a Sunday night Scripture study based on next Sunday's readings, your site is certainly a God send. May Yahweh be praised for moving your parish in this direction. Your brother in Christ, Michael

What a great resource you folks have provided, not only to the Catholic community, but to everyone having even the slightest interest in religion! My personal thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated in this project. I believe that it is by far and away the best site on the web!! We will pass your URL on to our children and grandchildren with all our love! Thank you again!

My daughter has been diagnosed with breast cancer & must undergo surgery. We pray every Saturday at Mass to St. Peregrine for cancer victims. Since my daughter's problem surfaced, I wanted to know more about the Saint. I could find almost nothing. I didn't know how to spell his last name, but another daughter found your web site. What I'm trying to say is thanks for being there. You're on my favorites list and I'll be using you a lot. Best to you.

I can't believe it has taken me so long to find what I have been looking for, for years. Just by accident did I find you. Thank you so much. I have already printed the Bible Study for Sundays readings, so I'm really be prepared for Mass and father's homily. Peace of Christ.

I use your site frequently ... as a returning Catholic I need the information you provide such as the newest Catechism, prayers I almost forgot .. encouragement etc. Thank You so much, please continue.

Thank you for making such an informative and uplifting web site available. I have just been baptized, and am about to begin assisting in our parish's RCIA program. I was quite thrilled to see the Catechism of the Catholic Church on your site. I have the book, but to be able to search it is marvelous.

I just wanted to let you know that I am finding your site very helpful. I am not a member of the Catholic Church and I am looking in to your faith. I have been searching for a church that I feel is right for me. I have been raised in a family that is Protestant. But the only thing that was not tolerated in the family is someone cutting down another religion. I have attend many different Protestant churches and have not found one that I wish to say I belong to. I have even looked into the LDS church but I really do not agree with alot of what they teach. I just want to thank you for this web site.

I have recently started attending church again and feel a little lost. I did not go for a couple of years and now I can't figure out why I ever stopped. I am trying to learn as much as possible and thought I would try the net. Thank you for taking the time to make a site that is so easy to use and informative. May God Bless You.

I have been enjoying your site this morning and could not leave without telling you what a great site it is. Your artwork is beautiful and I especially like your St. page and prayers. God Bless

What a great site. A work of art in world of too much trash. Yours is a what is needed to assist all God loving people, who need all the help we can get. Thanks to John Meyer for a great donation. I will pray for him and his needs. I shall return to such a great resource.

I teach English as a foreign language to teenagers and adults. One of my students recently asked me for the Hail Mary in English. I thought I could give him a little more than that. I've copied and printed out two pages of the prayers you have here - including, of course!, the English version of the prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Thanks for making this resource available, and God bless!

Praise God!!! What a marvelous job your parish is doing, standing out as a beacon for the full truth of the Catholic faith. We want to lend our talent to present the teachings of the Church to the world, correcting all those misrepresentations and misconceptions which unfortunately many ill-doctrinally formed Catholics themselves have landed in. By doing so, we are preventing further fragmentation of the Body of Christ Keep up the good WORKS!!

This is a wonderful resource - I am learning a great deal about Catholicism, not yet confirmed, and your site is helping to strengthen my faith.

From a technological and design standpoint it is very well crafted. From a content standpoint, it is no less than inspiring.

I just want to say "Thank You" to you. I have searched the web for several months looking for a seasons calendar. I got it from you tonight. Thank you so very much for having this available. Thank You.

This is no doubt, in my opinion, the one of the best Catholic sites on the web. It has been put together in an excellent format. The information contained on this site is outstanding, especially the links. May Jesus, Mary & Joseph smile upon all those associated with the establishment of this beautiful site. God Bless All.

This is the simplest most elegant web site I have found for simple fundamentals and need to know information about the Catholic faith. I have over 200 bookmarks of Catholic Sites, and this will be the one I reccomend allong with Catholic Answers, EWTN real audio library and Hahn links. THANK YOU!!!

I just have to let you know how much I appreciate this WONDERFUL site. It says a great deal about your dedication to the faith and your spirit as a parish. I don't think the heirarchy realizes how hard it is to minister to a Southron Protestant, but thanks to your page, I've got two considering the Church right now. God Bless You ALL!!!!

Thank you for your web page. I found your " ...Truths..." page while trying to find information on the Carthusians. (The most information I could find was on their liquor "elixier" they sell and that was on a web-catalogue page!) The clarifying information on the pages about the church teachings is particularly pertinent for today. Earlier, I selected something from a list of catholic sources and it turned out to be what they called a deliverence message. It was very anti-Catholic and showed how twisted some interpretations can be. Kind of scary for me to read. I also read a number of your saints and devotional pages also. God Bless and thank you for being a presence on the web. 18 June 1998

This is a very nice site to visit and a great example of what a parish website can do to promote the Catholic faith.

I am very glad our church presented the truth as they did in this booklet. It has proven invaluable at various times for me. The authors are to be commended. Thank you.