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Bible Study

Bible Study

Our Bible Studies are based on the Liturgical Calendar

The sources used for our Bible Studies are The Jerome Biblical Commentary, The New Jerome Biblical Commentary, and The Navarre Bible. In addition, we used Church History by Laux (TAN Books), Introduction to the Bible by Laux (TAN Books), A Guide to the Bible by Fuentes (Four Courts Press), and Sharing Our Biblical Story by Russell for background information. We also included quotations from The Faith of the Early Fathers (3 volumes) by Jergens and Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (many volumes) edited by Odum.

According to the Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy promulgated by the Second Vatican Council, "Within the cycle of a year. . . (the Church) unfolds the whole mystery of Christ, not only from his incarnation and birth until his ascension, but also as reflected in the day of Pentacost, and the expectation of a blessed, hoped-for return of the Lord."

The Church has a three year cycle for Sunday readings, called "A", "B" and "C".

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 General Norms for the Liturgical Year and the Calendar (14 February 1969)

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