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Catholic Awards We've Received

St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church Web has been blessed with the many Catholic awards shown below.

saintly site award
... we would like to present you with our [award]. Your section on Patron Saints is wonderful! It promotes the old practice of honoring the saints which seems to have fallen out of practice these days. When we honor the saints, we honor their Creator.
13 May 07

catholicculture gold award
Your web site has been reviewed on CatholicCulture.org -- and has earned the "Triple Excellence Gold Award: for excellence in Fidelity, Resources, & Usability".
4 Nov 04

Catholic Web Award 2004
Dear St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church: We would first like to extend our thanks for creating such a wonderful resource for Catholics around the world. Because of the amount of effort that goes into the content development of your beautiful St. Charles Borromeo web site, we would like to present to you a web site award: the Catholic Web Award for Excellence in Catholic Web Design, Content, and Fidelity. It is our pleasure to acknowledge your efforts in this way to bring Catholic information to the internet. There arenít many Catholic Churches that put as much time into their internet presence as you. Congratulations!
16 Jun 04

The Award of the Faith for 2004
I am honored once again to present your web site "The Award of the Faith for 2004". Kindly replace the one you now have with this one, or you may keep them all. I had the pleasure to visit each site this week and am very glad that I did. I see a lot of changes and lots of wonderful music , pictures, Graphics and most of all "content". You have been busy.

St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church has received the 2002 e-benedictine.com Award for Excellence. This award is given to a rare few in recognition of what we consider to be a truly outstanding site, specifically excelling consistently in both design and content. We appreciate everything your site does to spread the Good News. Thank you for creating an example of truly great content.
23 August 2002

GOLD award
It is my pleasure to give the St. Charles Borromeo web page a GOLD award. Your site is beautifully designed both from a visual perspective and with regards to ease-of-use. But most of all, the content is comprehensive and contributes to Catholic evangelization on the Internet via its excellent resources. St. Charles Borromeo parish should be very proud of this accomplishment!
28 May 2002

Fidelity Award
It is always a pleasure to go to sites that remain faithful to the Church and Magisterium. St. Charles Borromeo is one of these sites. You have provided your visitors with a site that is informative, presented well, easy to access and calming in these turbulent days when scandal rocks our Church. A worthy tribute and a positive contribution to the Web and the Internet Catholic Community. It is for that reason we offer your our Fidelity Award. This award is not given lightly you must have received and excellent rating from PetersNet to be considered.
3 May 2002

I visited your homepage. From your homepage beams a very great Christian thought and a great love for the Blessed Virgin Mary. I should like to offer you my Marypages Award 2001-2002 and I hope you will accept this gift.
17 October 2001

Upon This Rock Catholic Apologetics
There are so many really creative and wonderful Catholic websites on the internet - we felt strongly, that special recognition should be given to those who display extraordinary zeal and hard work in defending the Catholic Faith. Your website is just the kind of outstanding Catholic website which inspired us to create this very special award titled, 'Upon this Rock' Award of Catholic Apologetics Excellence.

Only websites which have been reviewed by PetersNet, and merited an 'A' rating in fidelity, and no less than a 'B' in the other two categories, are eligible for this special award. Congratulations on your hard work, and valuable contribution to the Body of Christ on the Internet!

Of course you are not obligated to display this award on your site. It is our way of showing our appreciation, encouraging others to rise to your level of excellence, and saying 'thank you for a job well done!'
14 August 2001

TAU Award
You have a marvelous site! Your hard work and the utilization of the gifts God gave you certainly honors the Lord. Please honor us by being the very first recipient of the Tau Award. This award will only be given to sites that display the same excellence and love for the Lord we see on your site. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. ... I looked at so many sites and hoped the first recipient would be a Franciscan site, since we are Franciscans, but I kept coming back to your site. So I figured maybe SOMEONE was trying to tell me something.
9 July 2001

Catholic Boy's Sanctuary
I greatly enjoyed you super site, and I do mean "SUPER-SITE"!!!! It definatley deserves one of my awards! Please honor me with inserting my award somewhere on your site.
8 February 2000

Corpus Christi Award
We are delighted to award St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church web site our award of distinction for your valuable service to the Catholic Community on the Internet. With special mention of your endorsement - and practice of Perpetual Adoration! Congratulations.
8 January 2000

Congratulations on your award. The "On this Rock" Church Site Award is given to Roman Catholic Churches that have excelled in making their presence known on the internet.
22 December 1999

Byzantine Peace Offering Award
Absolutely, your site qualifies for our award.
6 September 1999

Di's Keeping the Faith Award
I stopped by to visit your page and was so very impressed. I would also like to give this award to your site..... Di's Keeping the Faith Award...for a page that Holds Catholic Values and follows the magisterium of the Catholic Church and is loyal to his Holiness, Pope John Paul II.
19 July 1999

CatholiCity Frequent Flyer
Congratulations - your website is now linked in CatholiCity's Saint Paul International Airport links page! Thousands of sites request a link from us every year, so you are part of a select group. As such, you have the honor of receiving the recognized and trusted "CatholiCity Frequent Flyer" award, which you are free to display on your homepage and elsewhere on your site.
9 July 1999

Hanson Family Catholic Award
The St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church site is very well done. We are impressed with the level of activity and involvement that there appears to be in your parish. This award indicates that your site displays a high standard for Catholic content, over-all quality, navigability and design appeal.
10 May 1999

St. Boniface Award
(A) winner!
15 February 1999

Mr. Mom Award
CONGRATULATIONS! You were nominated for Mr. Mom's Global Award for an Inspirational Web Site. I just finished viewing your page. You have done an excellent job! It looks as if you have spent quite a deal of time on your page... well organized, easy to navigate, have great graphics & links. Keep up the good work. I am honored to present you with my Award.
12 January 1999

Official Archdiocese of the Internet Award
"Peace be with you John" and your Catholic community at Saint Charles Borromeo Church. Your site has been awarded the Official Archdiocese of the Internet Award, Where all faiths are welcome.............
16 November 1998 (Updated 30 August 2002)

Congratulations! You have won the Good News Golden Bugle Award! This award goes to sites that evangelize through creativity, high quality graphics and layouts, good writing and fun entertainment. The purpose of this award is to encourage the best use of Internet technology for the Kingdom of God.
31 July 1998

Immaculate Heart of MaryMyself and the reviewers were thrilled to find a site with so many beautiful devotions, images, and of such exceptional quality!! Truly, what you have done here is nothing less than awe inspiring, and I know that God will bless you richly for all the work you have put in spreading such sacred materials. So it is with great pleasure that The Immaculate Heart of Mary Web recognizes the outstanding work and effort, and the content, that you have put into your web site. You have indeed set a standard for other Catholic sites to follow and I hope that many many Catholics will come visit and take advantage of the very useful and informative format that you have provided. Many are, and will be, indebted to you.
15 July 1998

Golden Chalice AwardWhat a wonderful, faithful web site that your parish has! It is a delight to discover a parish who holds true to the magisterium and who proclaims it proudly. Please accept our award for a beautiful, faith-filled site that is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. May God bless you and the angels protect you always.
6 July 1998

Defender of the Faith Award 1998We just visited your site, which is exceptional... your site is indeed meritorious of our defender of the faith award.
20 June 1998

TWO HEARTS DEFENDER AWARDCongratulations on receiving the TWO HEARTS DEFENDER AWARD. It is only given to sites that demonstrate a high regard for the teaching and defense of the Catholic faith, adherence to the laws of the Magesterium, devotion to The Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, and which are pleasing to the eye in construction.
19 June 1998

True Presence on the Net AwardCongratulations! The St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church homepage has most definitely earned the "True Presence on the 'Net" award! The page is very useful, informative, and inspirational! God bless you and all who visit this beautiful page!!!
19 June 1998

Catholic Culture (formerly Peter's Net) AAA Rating10 June 1998